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Thursday, April 02, 2009

Those damned Minis

What's Mallard raving about today?

Economists, Recession, Depression, Cheeseburgers.

Because juxtaposing job loss and small cheeseburgers is just hilarious.


Michael said...

He points out that we're in the midst of a horrible crisis, and then aims his criticism directly at... cheeseburgers.

Here's something interesting. I just happened to be looking for old Mallard Fillmore cartoons (I'm a masochist) and came across this coincidence:


The same artwork, exactly 3 years apart!

Johaely said...

the only difference are the starands of feather on his head, otherwise, its just lazy. even the word balloons are the same.

exanonymous said...

Except that McDonald's sales went up, right?

Heh, Michael, it's like one of those "find the 6 differences" games.

The ones I find are
1) the words in the balloons
2) the direction of Mallard's... hair? Fluff?
3) the date (same numbers, but different writing)
4) copyright location

Anonymous said...

God forbid food, or anything really, be fun or enjoyable, right ducky?

Holy. CRAP. You could draw a duck staring at a box in, what, 10 minutes? THAT's the one he recycles? Wow.

Rootbeer said...

Is there some fast food micro-burger arms race I'm completely unaware of?

I mean, I know White Castles and Krystals have always been small, and I know Burger King recently introduced Burger Buddies^H^H "Burger Shots" to their menu, but as far as I'm aware, the trend has always been and still is towards largeness: Double Quarter Pounder, Triple Whopper, Monster Thickburger, etc.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Michael, great find! By which I mean a bad find! Whatever, thanks for taking that Mallard Archive bullet for the rest of us.

And yes, the trend towards mini burgers isn't purely economical - Burger King is probably just trying to muscle into White Castle's territory. He should have made a joke about The Incredible Shrinking Packages in the grocery stores.

Anonymous said...

Carl's Jr. has recently introduced a Bourbon Burger. I'm just saying.

GeoX said...

Sorry, but I thought this one was funny. I'm man enough to admit it.

Gold-Digging Nanny said...

exanonymous --

As *ahem* resident Six Differences expert, I'm happy to help with the other two.

5) The first strip was done after consuming five cans of Icehouse; the second was done after drinking half a bottle of Jack.
6) After completing the first strip, Tinsley masturbated to the cover photo of an Ann Coulter book; after completing the second strip, Tinsley huddled in a corner with his Ronald Reagan action figure clutched tightly to his chest and wept for two hours.

Michael said...

The cheeseburger thing reminded me of this.

Rey said...

I'm with GeoX. A setup, an incongruity that makes sense and wasn't telegraphed, relatively timely reference, little excess verbiage... WE HAVE A JOKE, PEOPLE! I assumed this was an April Fool's switcheroo, with some other cartoonist writing Mallard today. Like Medium Large. Ces, is that you?

12xuser said...

Going beyond the text, I'd like to call attention to the Mallard in the center of the strip. Here we see present-Mallard, neatly bisected by the gutter, staring directly at the reader. He is torn between past-Mallard reading a newspaper on his left and a sold-out future-Mallard blaring out over the electronic monitor on his right. I take it as Tinsley's brilliant comment on the state of the comics business today. Bravo.

rewinn said...

Thanks to Michael's scholarship, we now have enough information to reverse-engineer the Tinkleybot:

1. Select an image at random from the catalog of, at most, 100 basic Mallard cartoons

2. Select talking point from RNC

3. Merge 1+2


5. PROFIT!!!

Anonymous said...

Gold-Digging Nanny,
You are a very sick person. Well, at least you have some friends on this blog. I suppose this is how the true liberal mind works. No wonder BHO was elected.