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Friday, April 24, 2009

That damned Kim Jong-Il

What's Mallard raving about today?

Kim Jong-Il, Congress.



Squid Vicious said...

And can we thus assume that since the leader of North Korea is actually an agent of our democratically-elected Congress, it does not in fact constitute a point along the Axis of Evil and is not a dire threat to our national security?

WV: asedgut - what Tinkles wakes up with each morning after a long night of drowning his liver in rot-gut gin and what, more or less, makes him so fucking cranky

Unknown said...

So, to recap: President Obama gets the full weiner-chin treatment, growing more distorted by the day until his face no longer resembles anything human, while Kim Jong Il, the tyrannical oppressive leader of North Korea, is portrayed as being kind of short. Sounds about right.

Kyle said...

To recap:

An oppressive dictator who diverts all resources to his military to the point that the majority of his population is malnourished and feeding on twigs, is used to set up a joke about how he dislikes the American Congress.

You suck so much, Tinsley.

rewinn said...

The "joke" is flaccid because it has twice as many words as needed.

"Kim Jong-Il's delusional behavior, insufferable arrogance and profligate spending ... make George W Bush look good by comparison."See? Humor must be crisp!

Chyron HR said...

Oh, I get it.

Industrial nation arming itself with nukes = "Profligate spending"

Ordering more F-22s in case Maverick and Ice Man have a dogfight with the Rooskies someday = "Sound defense policy"