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Friday, April 17, 2009

Those damned taxpayers

What's Mallard raving about today?

Taxes, President Obama.

Yay, we're citizens!

Does this include all the legal and illegal immigrants who pay taxes in America?


Anonymous said...

Holy WOW.

I think we may well have a contender for several Golden Ellipses. "Sheer amount stupid crammed into a single strip", and "blind devotion to hysterical fanciful talking points."

BakaHoushi said...

Here is a completed list of things Obama has nationalized:

Jazzbumpa said...

The tumescent-penis-chin seems to have stabilized at maximum extension. Have the chimpanzee ears been around all along, or am I just noticing them now?

What is Tinkley's most prominent characteristic? Hatefulness, willful ignorance, dishonesty, or thinly disguised racism?

Jesus, what a wanker!

12xuser said...

A lot of us taxpayers prefer to be called "citizens", not defining our relationship to our country by our financial relationship to it. It's our citizenship that confers rights and responsibilities, not the fact that we pay taxes. It's only the right wing that wants to put a price tag on everything, to reduce everything to pure capitalist economics, who want to be thought of primarily as "taxpayers".

wavydavy said...

Non-Tinkley (obviously) Anonymous said more or less what I was going to say.

I mean, seriously -- is there ANY thought pattern behind this strip AT ALL? It doesn't even qualify as "illogical", since that presumes at least some acknowledgement of "logic" (il- or otherwise).

So far as I can tell, Tinkley took a bunch of keywords (not even talking points), filled in a Mad Libs strip with them, put the resulting page in a blender (probably the same one he uses for his mixed drinks), pasted the results on a piece of paper, and mailed it in.

Actually, now that I write that, even that would be too much work for him.

WV: belysest. Most "belys" (adj.) -- used to describe how much belies there are in Mallard strips.

rewinn said...

More bad timing by Tinkley, as Obama's tax return was released yesterday, somewhat blunting any claim of ignorance about being a taxpayer.

Obama paid more in 2008 federal income tax ($855,323 ) than Bush reported as income in 2007 ($719,274)

Indeed, Obama's charitable contributions ($172,050 ) were more than half of Bush's tax payments ( $221,635 )

Best line:
"The Obamas contributed $6 in 2008 to the federal fund that provides public financing of presidential campaigns, a program the Democratic nominee bypassed himself."

In other words, Obama made a voluntary contribution to help his 2012 competitor!

As 12xuser notes, the reichwing thinks citizenship is all about money. Patriots think otherwise.

Marion Delgado said...

I like how obama can do ventriloquism out of his enormous pointed chin.

Anonymous said...

Wavydavy, having had the words taken out of his mouth by the sane Anonymous, proceeds to take the words out of my mouth in turn:

So far as I can tell, Tinkley took a bunch of keywords (not even talking points), filled in a Mad Libs strip with them [...] and mailed it in.Pretty much. The last time he did a strip that was so meaningless in any other terms than putting red-meat keywords before the Base, the keywords were "recycled" and "dolphins".

oxird: a bird that is, like Athena Tremor of the Inferior 5, as strong as an ox and just about as smart.