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Thursday, April 16, 2009

That damned Larry

What's Mallard raving about today?

Larry, Taxes.

I'm sorry? Just a few days ago Mallard equated (again) not paying additional taxes in April with not paying taxes at all.

Which means, Mallard has no basis for mocking Larry.


12xuser said...

I thought we got where we are because of lies about weapons of mass destruction, massive deregulation of the financial services industry, and unsustainable tax cuts for the wealthy. But no, it was straw people who think that a tax refund is a gift from the government. Thanks for setting me straight on that, Mallard.

exanonymous said...

We got where we are because of people like Mallard who don't realize that by saying "refund" we actually are acknowledging that it is our own money coming back to us.

The excitement he cannot understand comes from purposely making ends meet and saving from a smaller monthly budget making the refund money "free to use" (not mistaken for free).

Factinista said...

That guy reminds me of Neil Cavuto for some reason.

Rootbeer said...


rewinn said...

Larry is Mallard's co-worker who has a kid in school. The school has kids sell candy to raise money.

Funding schools through candy sales annoys Mallard because he prefers to fund education through taxes.

I lied about the last part.

Jazzbumpa said...

Tiabbi has a great take on why people (and or waterfowl) like Blallard think the way they do.

Classic Poor ThinkingWV dotes, as in mairsey -

rewinn said...

The Taibi article is pretty good ... as are the comments following them.

It's a mistake to try to argue with Fox And Friends on the basis of reason (facts and logical inference) when their decision-making process is that of the sycophants of a high-school bully.