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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

That damned Hulk

What's Mallard raving about today?

President Obama, The Media, Hulk.

It's OK. Mallard. Don't let facts get in the way of a good sob story.

Enjoy your pity party.

The rest of us will be in the fact-based world if you ever decide to join us.

We won't be waiting for you.


exanonymous said...

Maybe the anonymous who came in about a year ago in defense of Mallard will apologize for his insensitive remarks regarding the mentally and physically handicapped now that neocons have sensitivity training?

Liberals were/are upset, but less so when there's an apology attached and no repeats. Incidentally, insensitive jokes flourishes where a community is ignorant so I would say that problem is also one of those that extends beyond Obama's few months in office.

12xuser said...

Mallard wants us to remember that it was this sort of thing that made us mad at Bush. His many slips of the tongue, faux pas, and gaffes. Nothing to do with starting wars, making torture respectable, turning the Treasury over to the rich, or grabbing power for the Executive, no, it was saying "misunderestimated" and "putting food on your family" that really got us steamed.

Anonymous said...

How does "Bush" sound anything like "Obama"?

dlauthor said...

I'd hate to see what kind of horrifying creature Mallard becomes when shrieking "OBAAAAMMMMAAAA!"

My guess is he becomes a disheveled, sloppy drunk who can't draw.

Toots McGee said...

This strip demonstrates the sickness that results from following Tinsley's output over time. You see, I know exactly what he's trying to say even though the way this is scripted and drawn makes no sense.

How does "Bush" sound anything like "Obama"?
Exactly, it doesn't and yet we're supposed to infer that straw liberal editor man misheard it and exhibited the famed Bush Derangement Syndrome to a cartooninsh degree.

The "Special Olympics Joke" happened in conjunction with Obama making his case to the country about his economic recovery plan. Tinsley could continue to level his criticisms against the administration's handling of the recovery plan and remain somewhat relevant even with a three week time lag or he focus on an incident that already played itself out in the media echo chamber two weeks ago. Again, Tinsley choice is perfectly logical once you've figured out his his tone deaf reading of the media landscape.

Rebochan said...

Not sure if you all have seen this or not, but someone over on CC scanned in a whole article on our friend Tinsley. They even used a picture of him that *isn't* his mug shot!

rewinn said...

Yah know what I love about SpecialOlympicsGate?

Not just that Obama immediately apologized for his slip of a tongue (... something Bush never did for any of his intentional lies...)

Not just that Obama made this mistake in the context of deprecating HIMSELF (...remember folks, he was making fun of his own inability to bowl ...)

But that by focussing on SpecialOly picsGate, the Obama-haters are making one thing VERY CLEAR to the American people:

They Got Nuthin'

GeoX said...

Gadzooks--he looks like Rod Blagojevich.

Michael said...

This reminds me of The Rock Obama.

Interesting how hulking up cures his male pattern baldness.

Anonymous said...

To build on my previous phonetics.

Obama made a stupid, insensitive remark, and apologized for it.

Bush once had a speach/bit at the National (Liberal Mainstream Media) Press Corps Dinner, I forget the exact name. In that routine, he had a speech/slide show presentation of him bumbling around the White House, looking for those "Iraqi WMDs" and not finding them. He did this while THOUSANDS OF LIVES were being lost or destroyed, and hundreds of billions of dollars were being all but literally burned as fast as they could unload it.

And the press ate it up.

Fuck you, Ducky. Fuck you long and hard and repeatedly.

Martyrotten said...

He's going to harp on this all week, isn't he? Does anybody else out there even care what Obama said about the Special Olympics anymore? If that's the worst thing he's done since taking office then there's already hope for this country.

Anonymous said...

Obama on Special Olympics Obama DID NOT immediately apologize for this. A member of his staff apologized the followed day. You pathetic liberals, just continue to cover for Obama like the main stream media does.

He goes to to Europe with hundreds of staffers and 12 teleprompters.

Obama's saying that we need to get rid of our nuke weapons because we're the only nation that has ever used them. I bet Putin is looking at Medvedev saying, 'Can you believe this gift? This loco weed is trying to get rid of his nukes, and he thinks we're going to get rid of them, too!'

Obama actually said that the 'Islamic faith has done so much over the centuries to shape the world, including my own country.' Well, I think 9/11 did have a big shaping factor here. The Twin Towers are gone, the Pentagon had a hole in it, and 3,000 people are dead.

How many people voted against Obama? Was it 55, 56 million people? I don't think anything has changed to make those 55 or 56 million people say, 'I made a mistake. This is a great guy. I really like what he's doing to our economy. I really like how he's over there in Europe apologizing for us at every stop he makes.'

Oh yes...the techie gives the Queen an engraved iPod. Wonder if there were any racist rants of Rev. Wright on it? Brown of the UK was given DVD's which will not play in the UK. He and his staff are morons.

rewinn said...

AnonyTinkley is simply a liar; Obama apologized by phone directly to Tim Shriver (chairman of the Special Olympics) even before the taped program aired late Thursday night.

I've previously written about the technophobia of Obama-haters as to teleprompters and iPods, but at some point we'll have to do the math on how Obama's 66% approval ratings means a big chunk of McCain voters think Obama is doing O-kay!

Anonymous said...

Rwinn: REST ASSURED, no one gives a shit what you think. Also, try to remember, admitting you're an ASSHOLE is the first step.
No additional comment is warranted. Wait, sorry…douchebag is additional, and warranted.

Rewinn said..."Yah know what I love about SpecialOlympicsGate?
Not just that Obama immediately apologized for his slip of a tongue."

Slip of the tongue my ass. Watch the show clip, he was having a great time. He said it because he meant it. And he did not immediately apologize, his staffers had to tell him, "Bamster we have to apologize, you fucked up, again."

Michael said...

Anonymous put on a tour de force in this thread! Troll of the year thus far!

wavydavy said...

TinzAnon --

Thanks so much for your heartfelt concern for the Special Olympics in particular and disabled Americans in general.

I know you are sincere because I remember how you took Bush to task for making fun of a blind reporter who was wearing sunglasses. I also remember how upset you got when Bush did a whole routine about how funny it was that WMDs could not be found even though it resulted in thousands of US soldiers dying.

You fucking hypocrite.

rewinn said...

I don't know why AnonyTinkley thinks that a reference to his ass is persuasive.

But I must disagree with WavyDavy: Our resident AnonymousCoward (and technophobe) is not a "fucking hypocrit". Yes, he's a hypocrit, but impotent rage like his is found only in those lacking a consensual sex life.

Squid Vicious said...

Isn't our erstwhile troll cute when he gets angry?

wavydavy said...

Good point, rewinn. In fact, lack of fucking is probably one of the sources of his derangement.

I must say, I am surprised to see you back here, after that devastating put-down from TinzAnon. You know, the one that starts by misspelling your name.

WV: palpsit. Not sure exactly, but I believe this would be related to the reason Rush Limbaugh couldn't serve in the military.

Kyle said...

This angry anonymous is probably the most entertaining. It's like a pro wrestling interview.