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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

That damned Veep

What's Mallard raving about today?

President Obama, Vice President Biden.

Mallard Fillmore calculus:
  1. Three days and running on this topic which is apparently the most important thing going on in the world.
  2. None of President Bush's many gaffes ever got mentioned by Mallard.
  3. Therefore, Liberals are obsessive Bush haters.


Michael said...

I didn't know Pete Sampras was friends with Joe Biden.

I like how the colorist refused to color the chin. After filling in the first chin he saw the second one and said, "Is that...? Nahhh."

wv: antrate: The throughput of insects entering your kitchen.

exanonymous said...

The chin distracted me.

exanonymous said...

Just a note for yesterday's troll:

The gift-giving:
One iPod (as requested by the Queen) and one rare songbook signed by one of the Queen's favorite composers.

In return:
One silver-framed signed photograph of the queen, a standard present to all visiting dignitaries.

The ipod ironically gets all the attention even though it's worth much less than the songbook because it sounds so crass, but she requested it, it was personalized, and she uses the one she already has.

Anonymous said...

exanonymous you are an asshole and a pervert and a librul and a moran and a douchebag and la la la i can't hear you and where did i put that bottle and i pooped my pants and you're a stinkyhead and i want my mommy.

rewinn said...

Our troops in Baghdad think President Barack Obama is plenty articulate.

exanonymous: you're correct but also - the NEW video ipod is much better than the Queen's old audio one. Part of the personalization was including photos & videos of her most recent trip to our great nation. The Obama-haters are arguing that a picture on dead tree product is a gift but pictures on electronics are not.

Obama-haters are technophobes LOL!

(Look at the newspaper headline in today's "comic": the technophobes are upset that Obama uses a machine instead of 3x5 cards.)

God grant that they keep this up. I do not know a single young American who thinks technophobes are cool

Robert said...

Barack Obama: the first President to ever use a teleprompter.

P.S. The Gettysburg Address? Totally ad-libbed. No notes, just off the top of Lincoln's dome in one take, like Jay-Z.

MToje said...

If newspaper editors can't find "hopelessly untalented hack" as an excuse to kick Tinkley off their comics pages, then why not use his two-week irrelevance lag a good enough reason. I mean, honestly, the speeches Obama has given since the Special Olympics comment has show that yes, Obama is quite articulate when he speaks.

Squid Vicious said...

I'm not real clear on why we're supposed to be outraged by the President's use of a teleprompter when giving prepared remarks. Perhaps our erstwhile troll can explain? Also, perhaps our erstwhile troll can draw a distinction between this President's use of a teleprompter and the past four or five Presidents' use of teleprompters that will subsequently justify this outrage.

[chirping crickets]

I thought so. Perhaps our erstwhile troll should return to shaving his back.

fuckthequeen said...

Ahem. Who the fuck gives a fucking fuck about the fucking queen? Fuck. Do the British hate Obama now, because he gave the fucking queen a fucking ipod? No they do not. In general the British people don't give a fuck about the fucking queen. The British press, maybe a little. FOX NEWS, one whole fuck of a lot. The sight of those fucking assholes turning into a bunch of pinky-wagging, tea drinking etiquette experts trying to summon up outrage in the American people over a trivial anachronistic Jane Austen-era slight. . . infuckingcredible.

Anonymous said...

Attacking a public speaker for using a teleprompter is like attacking a ship captain for reading weather reports.

wavydavy said...

Well, Anonymous, you know how the wingnut crowd feels about reading reports, weather or otherwise. Like, say, for example, reports entitled "Bin Laden Determined to Strike in US".