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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

That damned Curling

What's Mallard raving about today?

Soccer, Curling.

You mean, another sport growing in popularity?

Why do newspapers give a forum for a bitter waterfowl to piss and moan every day?


Tog said...

A physical coward as well as an intellectual one (not to mention a troll), Batshit approaches sport the way he approaches warfare: he is excited by injury, bloodshed, and the occasional fatality, just as long as he's enjoying it from the safety of his own home. Skill and competition don't enter into the matter.

Who wants to wager against Batshit having a complete collection of Bumfights in his closet?

rewinn said...

Curling is a skill sport, not inherently stranger than pool or darts. It's not my cuppa tea but what-the-heck. One of America's strengths is that we don't believe in conformity ...

... unless you're a rightwing hack, in which case, anything that you don't like is bad.

@Tog: yep!

Anonymous said...

I'm not a big fan of sports, soccer or otherwise.
The thing is, I don't automatically assume everyone feels the same way I do.
At this point, it's a tossup between which type of MF I dislike more: Tinsley's hamhanded rehashing of this weeks' Republican talking points, or his whiney "slice of life" strips, where he moans and groans about some subject that he feels strongly about, and since he speaks for the common man, well of course everyone out there is going to agree with him!

exanonymous said...

MF speaks like a true die-hard couch-surfer of the angry type. The happier ones tend to like any sort of sport because they can pick a side and cheer them on.

Hell, even the curler is angry.

Rootbeer said...

Soccer: hasn't been topical in eleven days.

Curling: hasn't been topical since February.

Blaming Canada: hasn't been topical since the South Park movie came out in 1999.

Also, the thrower's form is terrible, and his broom is wholly unidentifiable as such.

dlauthor said...

For that matter, last I checked, the thrower doesn't hold a broom at all. This is like showing a baseball pitcher holding a bat in his glove-hand.

Tinshley's just upset about curling because it reminds him of how he got thrown out of the Drunken Drake because he passed out in his own vomit on the shuffleboard table.

I imagine Brucie during the Winter Olympics and World Cup, sitting and fuming on his barstool because they won't turn the channel on the TV from sports coverage to Fox News.

Raynfala said...

Actually, dlauthor, a curler will sometimes hold a broom during delivery; they use it as an extra point of contact with the ice to help maintain balance.

I've been a bowler all my life, and I used to dismiss curling as a silly pseudo-sport.

But then, I tried it once during a company-sponsored outing -- the degree of nuance, control and self-discipline required for curling leaves bowling in the dust.

I no longer laugh at curling. Now I watch it with amazement.

deepbeep said...

Most people I know who badmouth sports are snooty intellectual liberals ("I don't watch sports" is said in the same tone as, "I don't own a TV"). Mallard Fillmore takes the opposite tact: most sports are too bourgeois and intellectual for him! Excluding the hooligan gladiator games, of course.

Bill te Splut said...

That's actually a passable drawing of the curler, although I'm unfamiliar with the sport: do they all carry spears while running on ice wearing brown dress shoes? Sounds dangerous!

Also, has Brooze ever done a strip about something he likes? I know that there was something about Laura Mars before I started following him (which, like following circus elephants, requires watching where you step), but wasn't that him just throwing a tantrum about it being canceled?

Ducky is Right said...

Once again, there is nothing that has happened in the news in the past two months that Ducky feels is more noteworthy then sports he doesn't like.

Guess we can add curling to the, "Things that Intimidate Tinshly" list. I've never done it, but just looking at what it entails, I can appreciate the amazing level of precision and skill it must take to do well.

Tog said...

Bill: That was Veronica Mars (The Eyes of Laura Mars was the Faye Dunaway/Tommy Lee Jones eyeball-stabbing proto-slasher).

Batshit tried to gin up audience interest in Veronica, which always struck me as strange, because despite its lack of mainstream popularity it was critically acclaimed and had a devout fanbase--the sort of thing that makes Batshit think he's smelled blood, as he's demonstrated all week.

I guess he took a liking to it because of its ratings-underdog status. Or he just beats off furiously to Kristen Bell.

Either way, I hope he realizes his recommendations do more harm than good, whether they're fed to him by the GOP or not.

Kaitlyn said...

I dislike certain things, can't draw, and have chicken scratch handwriting.

Comic please.

WV - ilvar, reminding me I have yet to watch Iruvar. (I'm sure Mallard would hate it, it's not in English.)

Kip W said...

The day Tin becomes our Dictator is the day all us Liberals will be forced to throw away our glasses and take up serious drinking and whacking it to pix of Ann Coulter.

Well, at least it'll be easier to do when I'm drunk and not wearing the glasses.