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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Those damned Vampires

What's Mallard raving about today?

Vampires, TV.

After 3 years it should not surprise me. But I admit I am always astonished by panels like todays which serve to remind that Mallard Fillmore is literally a guy just writing down whatever gripe is bugging him that day, with the implicit assumption this it's bugging everyone else equally.

It doesn't matter how venal, how parochial, or how nonsensical the whinge.


Ducky is Right said...

And the tv seasons are so short!

Tog said...

KipW's "Better Comment" on the main page, unlike Mallard Fillmore itself, remains relevant.

exanonymous said...

Well, if you want different, you can always try Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter.

It's a weird thing to complain about seeing as it hasn't exactly flooded new programming. I know of one vampire show currently, which means one channel for one hour dedicates time so it's not exactly any more annoying than Big Brother #. It isn't meant for his demographic, so I guess his point is that if less than 100% of television programming is aimed at him on all channels, it's stupid.

I can't change the channel, amirite hurhur?

Rootbeer said...

Let's see, there's True Blood, and... um... reruns of Buffy...

... Entertainment Tonight segments about the cast of the Twilight movies... er.

Steve-O said...

The characters and events in this Mallard Fillmore comic are fictitious...any similarity to all the other Mallard Fillmore comics in existence is entirely due to laziness and/or drunkeness on the part of the writer.

Kip W said...

"Stupid vampires," says zombie.

dlauthor said...

Yeah, what is up with all those similar shows where the minds of the weak are dominated by vile bloodsuckers who are just begging for a good heart-staking and decapitation?

Oh, wait. That's Fox News.

rewinn said...

* Vampires: suck the lifeblood out of their victims.

* Zombies: wander hopelessly seeking brains.

* Werewolves: succumb to insane rages.

Does this not precisely describe the three factions of modern American conservativism?

deepbeep said...

* Mummies: inflict punishment upon those who don't acquiesce to ancient customs.

* Creature from the Black Lagoon: Threatens the lives of everyone living near the sludgy black water; Obama and environmentalists are somehow blamed.

Anonymous said...

"Heck of a job, Brownie." - still appropriate.

rewinn said...

And now for something fun:

What If The Tea Party Was Black?.

It's funny cuz it's true!

Tog said...

Since discussion is wandering from this brilliantly satirical, truth-speaking strip to Batshit's current pet cause, teabagging, here's a delightful TPM piece: Tea Party Express: The NAACP is Racist Because They Use The Word 'Colored!!!1'

I cannot make this shit up.

Kaitlyn said...

There is a second vampire show on the CW - Vampire Diaries. Unlike True Blood, the characters are teenagers, so the show is after the Twilight demographic.

I thought it looked like a complete flop and would be terrible, but the reviews say it's not.

I watch ANTM, that's why I knew that.

Also, I do stay in the room while my mom watches shows I hate (King of the Hill lately*), but instead of going "I hate this. *grump*" I discuss why I hate it - the sexism, ignorance, and xenophobia just aren't cool anymore.

There's whining and there's critiquing. "Too many vampire shows" is whining. Looking at why we're going through an obsession with vampires now (is it related to the recent vicious politics? The economy? Reactionary attitudes to feminism and anti-racism... Someone could SERIOUSLY make an argument based on all of that.) is not full on critiquing, but it is exploring.

However, there is much to critique with the Twilight series, but nah, he can't even google to find reactions to Twilight - and then mock people who think it's sexist. Or is he anti-Colbert, who believes in the free market so much he will embrace things he hated if books about them sold well.

Mallard is just a crank. He's no better then the people mocking the fans of Twilight for liking something they don't.

Um. This got kind of long. Maybe I'm ready for school!

*I do love the Dale episodes though. He is awesome.

exanonymous said...

What if the Tea Partiers were black?

One only has to look at the current FOX fuss to see exactly what they think of armed black males (or a single NBP member with a nightstick). Not that I think the guy was in the right, but the injunction is enough and would have been enough for others if the guy was white. Racism is not dead, and the biggest place it rears its ugly head is in sentencing and punishment.