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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

That damned Outrage

What's Mallard raving about today?

President Obama.

Mallard Fillmore has sex with goats.

I defy anyone to explain how the statement above is any different from today's Mallard Fillmore.


Faster, Harder, More Challenging GeoX said...

Oops! I forgot to tell a joke!

The best thing about this mendacious idiocy is that you know and I know--and Tinsley KNOWS we know--that he doesn't even believe his own bullshit here. It's just more trolling. It may not contain even the tiniest grain of truth, but hey, who cares; it'll make troglodytes chortle with glee at how this must be pissing off teh libruls, and newspapers will let him get away with it because they apparently feel they need a right-wing cartoon for fairness and balance and they believe, accurately, that right-wingers are so fucking feeble-minded that they need massive, systemic affirmative action. Hence, Mallard Fillmore.

Psst, Tinsley--when newspapers publish drawings and "poems" from eleven-year-olds in their "Education" sections, it ain't because they think a kid's ode to her cat is a deathless artistic masterpiece. It's so she can feel good about herself. Hate to tell you (as if you didn't already know on every level that matters), but that's the exact principle behind the continued publication of your vile shit.

Tog said...

Potential responses:
1. "I am not an ignorant idiot!"
2. "My criticisms are fair and balanced and valid, and are furthermore a vital part of free speech and healthy discourse."

Notice how Batshit completely ignored the first two? (Also, does FAUXNews even pretend to be "fair and balanced" anymore?)

Look, I hate to keep bringing up Junior Bush, but HIS administration was the one that (a) locked up protesters, and (b) preyed on the fearful and naive, and (c) HE was the one who said he'd make a good dictator HAW HAW.

You might have just asked yourself: why did I list "preyed on the fearful and naive?" Because timing has once again made a fool of Bruce Tinsley, through the company he keeps: Teabagger Billboard Comparing Obama To Hitler, Lenin Draws Complaints

But yeah, GeoX is correct: MF has lost all pretense of relevance or "speaking truth to power" (snicker): now it's just trolling. Badly.

exanonymous said...

Nothing is sadder than a con who bought their own con.

The "if" is a nice touch. Face it, the guy is democratically elected and no matter how much you buy the peddled tripe about him wanting to be king, the biggest danger to this democracy and constitution is to turn a man out of office based on fear-mongering and fantasies to placate a small minority of extremists.

Toots McGee said...

You guys are spot on with the troll commentary. I've been loathe to even comment on this shit lately, because it just makes me feel bad.

Of course, living in a country with whacked out voices like this steering the "debate" makes me feel bad.

As to the substance of this "thing", really? Tinsley is free to say the most stupid and outlandish crap, and the "marketplace of ideas" has a special fondness for catering to voices of lowest common denominator, trollish fearmongering crap, because apparently, it "sells". Count your blessings, idiot. Tinsley should be kissing the ground every morning and thanking his creator for giving him this environment where he can thrive without even having to come up with one idea, one argument, one joke, even. Free speech would be wasted on his stupid ass anyway, because he apparently doesn't have anything to say.

Toots McGee said...

I guess I mean free speech is wasted, since the Obamageddon hasn't happened yet.

deepbeep said...

I'm glad I've been on vacation. I've missed some godawful cartoons.

I see why Outraged sounds like an 8 year old: it's the only way Mallard's response can sound reasoned by comparison. And even then, it's neck and neck. Of the two, Outraged is the only one with his facts straight.

Hey Mallard, how about running this cartoon when people were actually equating presidential criticism with treason? Your claim doesn't make much sense in a time when I can flip to the most popular news station and see a guy with a piece of chalk in one hand, and a thesaurus opened to dictator in the other.

Kip W said...

Haw haw! I don't know what's funnier here. The pretense that somebody out there is stirred to letter writing by this predictable daily claptrap, or the conceit that if someone did, he'd be able to read it.

dlauthor said...

Looks like Tinshley's six remaining non-alcohol-soaked neurons finally fired to produce the thought he should have been having in 2003. Next up, he'll discover this great new series called Lost!

Anonymous said...

I will say this - in defense of the duck (gasp) - in the interests of fairness: during W's second term, I remember some on the Left screaming that Bush was going to change the Constitution and become President-for-Life as some kind of war amendment.
In conclusion, paranoid delusion occur on both sides.

Bill the Splut said...

Say that we invaded Iraq because of oil, and the Mass Media thinks you're insane. Say that Obama is going to throw everybody in gulags, and "Here's your paycheck!"

Bruce puts less effort into his comic strips than a cow puts into farting. Wait, did I say "comic" strip? It's really more of a tragic strip. Tragic, pathetic, anything but comic, as that implies an actual attempt at a joke.

Faster, Harder, More Challenging GeoX said...

Pretty sure that when that last guy was President, Garry Trudeau received a whole bunch of letters--scrawled in crayon on construction paper--saying "stop criticizing our President, you ignorant idiot!" Alas, he never received any of them, because Tinsley addressed them all to "Garey Troodoo, The Librul Meedea." Alas!

dlauthor said...

Hey, look! Anonyrast's back. Maybe he moved, and just got done informing all his neighbors that he was living near them, as required by law.

Anyway, yes, that false equivalent is quite falsely equivalent. Well done. Because random commenters on the Internet claiming Bush was going to become preznit-for-life is totally the same thing as the right-wing noise machine braying about how that darkie wants to rule us all with an iron fist forever and eat our grandmas too. With that kind of reasoning, there's a fine lecturing job waiting for you at Beck U. If they'll hire people there who have your record.

deepbeep said...

I will say this - in defense of the accused rapist (gasp) - in the interests of fairness: there were 5 other guys raping her too.

Ducky is Right said...

Wow, Ducky really misspelled, "This made-up reader is 100$ correct" in today's strip. I can't believe the editors' missed that.

Hey, remember when the gun industry made millions of dollars by telling everyone that Obama was gunna TAKE YER GUUNZ!!
And they all fell for it?
That was funny.

Tog said...

Anonymous: Do I really need to run through a list of "overrides" and outright violations of the Constitution either carried out or proposed by the Cheney administration under the guise of "9-11 changed everything!!!1," or is your deliberate memory hole just working overtime?

(Ah, but it's Obama who's the fearmonger in Batshit Town.)

exanonymous said...

Actually, Tog, that wouldn't be the point, since anon is focusing on the speculative but unreal.

However, the point also fails when you consider what was considered acceptable by the majority of that political leaning and what wasn't.

Liberalism usually concerned itself with possible outcomes based on actual real events. Whether or not people agree with verdict or final action, there is no denying that there was some issue with ballot counting in Florida, and that we were at war with 2 countries, neither of which possessed a nuclear arsenal, and we were making laws to attempt to sniff out potential future terrorists of the 9/11 type. Liberals concluded things that didn't take much of a stretch of imagination, even if you disagree: that if Gore won Florida he would've been president, that the wars were perpetrated for reasons other than national safety, and that the laws could potentially restrict the constitutional rights of those who superficially resemble the hijackers.

Conservatism on the other hand has embraced the fantastical drugged out fringe. They've written books, hold office, and base arguments on speculation. Re-education camps, socialist overlord for life, total gun removal everywhere in America, complete censorship of all criticism... these are not things based on current events but based on slippery slope fantasies where getting from point A to point C involves a trip through Wingnutland B. Hell, they put a doomsday prophet on television and rave about his ratings.

Kip W said...

exanonymous, dead on. Also, we're supposed to look at these two things and fair-mindedly conclude (as the press has done) that the truth lies exactly halfway between "look at Bush's record!" and "Obama's a martian, I tell ya!"