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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

That damned Percentage

What's Mallard raving about today?


By tomorrow, it will be 75%.

But no matter how high Mallard decides to make this go, it doesn't change the fact that majority support does not actually mean something is right.


Faster, Harder, More Challenging GeoX said...

Hey, look, this poll I just googled shows that sixty-seven percent of Americans support either gay marriage or civil unions. I'm sure we can all expect Tinsley, being the intellectually honest fellow he is, to proudly come out in support of equality. Right?

(Yeah, I know, it's kind of grotesque to compare Tinsley's support of racism with support of equal rights, but I think I made my point).

Doesn't matter, though--given his utter failure to actually PRODUCE this alleged poll, I'm going to assume that he just pulled it out of his ass, what with being a lying jackass and all.

Tyler McDowell said...

I was going to make a slavery analogy, but then I remembered what kind of person Tinsley is.

Ducky is Right said...

Mallard Filmore: Totally cool with overreaching, Orwellian government oversight when it's against brown people.

But god help you if you pull over an Honest and Decent White Person for the simple, everyday things, like driving drunk.

exanonymous said...

I maintain that the numbers would not be so high if for the poll the white people were required to produce on the spot definitive proof of their citizenship.

Currently the majority supports it under the belief that despite the fact that the law prohibits profiling, that the profiling will happen to keep it limited to a minority they think deserves it, and that citizenship is incredibly easy to prove on the spot, something that only has its irony deepened with the Birther movement.

And finally, it's all based on the assumption that an "illegal immigrant" shot a rancher. Because you know, when you want to make a living and raise a family in another better country the first thing you do is commit murder and run back to where you came from. If only the victim had checked the guy's papers...

Rootbeer said...

In other, less fictional news, our current President trounced a Republican senator from Arizona in the popular and electoral college votes.

In other, less incoherent predictions for the 2012 race, unless we fall back into another recession between now and then, I expect Obama to win re-election handily, even if the GOP runs "the AZ Legislature" against him.

This is how the system works, duck.

word veri: sumboli. What the author orders from Domino's during late-night drunken fits of depression. "Can anybody bring me sumboli to love?"

dlauthor said...

I imagine an overwhelming majority of Americans think serial drunk drivers should be locked up, and that duck is delicious.

wavydavy said...

Following up on FHMC GeoX, here's a poll that shows that:

-- 79% of Americans think the income cap on Social Security contributions should be lifted (bad for those who make over $107,000);
-- 72% favor restoring tax rates for high income earners to the level that existed 10 years ago;
-- 60% think that reducing the defense budget should be either "considered" or "strongly considered".

I have no doubt that we will see Mallard strips on each of these, explaining how the majority is always right and must be obeyed.

Or maybe not.

rewinn said...

Meanwhile, in reality: Judge Bolton, whose nomination to the bench was championed by Senator John Kyl (R-AZ), just blocked enforcement of the "papers please" law.

I guess Kyl's feeling pretty stupid now, supporting someone who puts constitution ahead of politics!

P.S. about that link: who even knew there was a "judgepedia"?

Beef Wellignton said...

It should be noted that (sic) roughly 70% of americans are either immigrants or desended from immigrants, If only are forfathers did'nt colonize america we could have seen tinsley publicly hanged for drawing an anti parlimant comic.

Faster, Harder, More Challenging GeoX said...

Somewhat OT, there's a game between Man U and the MLS Allstars currently being broadcast on ESPN2. The announcers claim that the crowd--over seventy thousand--is the fourth-greatest for ANY exhibition game in ANY sport, EVER. This probably doesn't say anything about soccer's popularity, though, since it's being played in the hotbed of sinister, leftist anti-Americanism that is Houston, Texas.

Any thoughts, Tinz, you drunken idiot?