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Thursday, July 29, 2010

That damned Mexican

What's Mallard raving about today?

Arizona, Immigration, Mexicans.

Mallard's head is going to explode in a couple of weeks when he gets to today's ruling. I expect to see blood pouring from his ears this time 2 weeks from now.

Please keep up this line of attack. I think there are a few Latinos still considering voting Republican.


Faster, Harder, More Challenging GeoX said...

Shorter Tinsley: to solve our illegal immigration problem, it is essential that we all be as racist as possible. I'll start!

Taquelli said...

Yes, all Mexicans, even the president of the country, want to get into the United States. They are all lining up, waiting for their chance to get across and sleep with our white women.

exanonymous said...

Don't immigration laws deal with the process of becoming a legal citizen? Isn't what Arizona dealing with is deportation laws, strictly dealing with demanding papers and removing people from the country?

Our immigration laws are already quite strict. Most regular natural born American citizens wouldn't qualify for a green card, the legal process of working and living in the US. Most of us got it by freak accident of birth, but if you are not from Haiti or Cuba, cannot claim refugee status, are not working a job that commonly takes in foreign applicants and thus would sponsor you, do not an have extraordinary skill set that allows you to petition without a work contract, no parents children or spouse, do not have the required cash for investment ($0.5 mil minimum), are not an alien witness, and are not an American Indian born in Canada, you have trouble applying.

In short, the ONLY way you could apply for legal status as a permanent citizen would be through a diversity lottery.

We've already got strict immigration laws. That's why so many people come here illegally.

What people protest now is the ability of the police to question US citizens for papers they might not be able to produce on the spot resulting in detention for frivolous reasons like going 5 miles over the speed limit with a Spanish accent.

Steve-O said...

This kind of crap from Tinsley is expected. What I don't expect is for MSNBC to allow their resident racist Pat Buchanan on the air every 10.7 seconds to declare how AWFUL this ruling is and how bad this is for, wait for it, OBAMA! And for morons like Scarborough, Mika, and Barnicle to break their necks nodding their heads in agreement.

rewinn said...

Exo is right on the facts.

But the argument is all about emotion, and in particular: fear. Fear of people who don't look like us is buried deep in the lizard parts of our brains and a traditional tool of demagogues.

Who says the GOP isn't all about tradition?


The Supreme Court will be in a bind. Its current method of making decisions is to go with whatever is best for the corporate owners of its five-vote majority. Exploiting illegal immigrants is very profitable, plus it keeps wages low enough for the citizens with whom they compete so that the citizens are so busy scrambling to stay alive that they don't have time to pay attention to their corporate masters. But OTOH this case is a chance to poke the Obama Administration in the eye, which would be helpful for turning Congress away from being slightly-corporatists into being majorly-corporatists.

What to do? What to do?

Decide a case on the law? How quaint!

dlauthor said...

It would be wonderful, poetic justice if one or both of Tinshley's hitherto unfortunate children fell in love with Latin Americans when they get older. Or Jews. Or African-Americans. Or Chinese. Or Middle Easterners. Oh, and if they turned out to be gay, too.

Actually, once you narrow out all the people Tinshley hates, it's fairly likely that they'll both end up making romantic choices that drive him straight to the tequila. Because the only other option would be incest.

Anonymous said...

If Arizona wins their appeal of the ruling, will visiting tourists need to bring their US passport or birth certificate with them when they visit?
Will all Arizona residents need to carry their citizenship documents with them at all times ?

Oh, I get it now. If I'm white and have no accent (which is true), then I don't need to worry. For everyone else, then Arizona is the only state that would require your US passport for residents or visitation.

ajm said...

RIP John Callahan, a cartoonist who was infintely more offensive AND more talented than Tinsley ever will be...

Rootbeer said...

dlauthor, please leave Bruce Tinsley's kids out of it.

Don't they suffer enough already?

dlauthor said...

I'm not wishing ill on Bruce's kids. Far from it -- they deserve plenty of joy in their lives as karmic balance for having such a horrible human being for a father. I want them to find love and companionship free of the bitterness, impotent spite, and towers of empty Old Milwaukee cans that have no doubt marked their childhood. I'm just saying it would be wonderful if their happiness came from somebody brown, or someone else that's likely to make dear old Dad's temple-veins pop with fury.

Faster, Harder, More Challenging GeoX said...

If I'm white and have no accent (which is true), then I don't need to worry.

This is a tangent, and I know what you mean, but nobody has "no" accent.

deepbeep said...

The drug kingpin shades are a nice touch, but I was hoping he'd go with the sombrero/poncho stereotype.

I don't get what he's trying to say here. Is this his "Minorities are the real racists" argument? Or akin to the Republican "Why are we acting more civil than Al Qaeda?" argument?

Ducky is Right said...

Sooooo Ducky wants us to be more like Mexico? Odd.