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Friday, July 30, 2010

That damned Program

What's Mallard raving about today?

BP's Oil Disaster, The Media, President Obama

Because all that really matters, no matter what the situation, is whether the Media are sufficiently pimping Mallard pre-conceived view of the world. As if that were even possible.


Tog said...

Almost funny, in light of all the "impeach Obama" talk coming from the GOP fringies lately, particularly from World Net Daily.

'Course, had the Deepwater Horizon blown up during Junior Bush's reign--instead of being a delayed result of the maladministration's policies--Junior Bush and his handlers would've made a very deliberate display of his lack of concern.

Oh, wait, that isn't Batshit's real issue: he's moaning because there's something on TV that doesn't appeal to him. Again.

Heckuva job, Batshit.

exanonymous said...

Way to support socialized corporate losses there, Mallard.

"The liberals would have done it" is a flimsy excuse. Obama and the government are NOT responsible for the mistakes of a company, especially one profitable enough to cover the costs. But that company is desperately delving into politics hoping that in the desperation for blame and the dislike of Democrats, they can sway popular opinion to hold government responsible and charge the taxpayer.

Erich said...

And how about that lettering? Apparently, Mallard's angry TV set demands that we "drain and quarter" somebody...

NickE said...

Awesome timing on that "The View" postwhine.

ajm said...

And if the BP disaster had occured on George W. Bush's watch, Tinsley would've found a way to rationalize, even romanticize the corporate and White House indifference.

Steve-O said...

I guess Tinsley doesn't realize that the Bush administration IS largely responsible for this disaster due to their ultra-deregulaion policies. Who am I kidding? Tinsley would never let the facts get in the way of a lame rant!

dlauthor said...

It's true, you know. I mean, the spill happened and all Obama did for days and days was eat birthday cake with John McCain and pretend to play guitar with some country singer.

... right?

wavydavy said...

And here I thought Mallard had had an "on the road to Damascus" conversion and was going to criticize the Teabaggers -- since they have ACTUALLY said those thing (or scribbled a misspelled version of them on their posters).

Silly me. I should have realized that this strip, as with most of his others, is just about his delusions and how they make him feel (angry, usually).

Will this end before I commit suicide? said...

I agree with you guys, but what most galls me about this comic is the implied support of censorship. Tinsley is saying that anything potentially unpleasant, or upsetting should be kept away from children. Children know about these things, and broadcasters should have the right to say what they want. Censorship leads to bastardization, demolished rights, and boring shit in the media.

Why does this new spell-check feature not accept the word Tinsley? This is like the website of a Psychiatric study of extreme retardation, and Narcissistic Sociopathy not accepting the word Tinsley! (Note: Sociopathy is not accepted, either; disagrees.)

Word Verification: Potheti, an extreme Marijuana addict, much like Tinsley's alcohol, and hatred addictions.

wavydavy said...

That s.b. "those things", of course.

Mallard makes me so angry I forget how to type.

Will this end before I commit suicide? said...

Also, says that the word sociopath goes back to somewhere around 1940-'45. I thought the idea was discovered by Freud, who died in '39; was I wrong?

rewinn said...

Hey! Tinshley's got a new typeface!

This is still a wall-of-text "comic". Draw the same duck four times, rant a little, collect a paycheck.

It's a business model I suppose.

Frank Stone said...

Translation: "Why aren't the rest of you assholes screaming for that goddamn darkie's blood?!?"

Brucie, Brucie, Brucie. Why are you still trying to impress George W. Bush like this? He's been out of office for a year and a half now; you're just embarrassing yourself by continuing to send him these love letters. It may be painful for you to hear, but I'm telling you for your own good: He never really loved you. No, Brucie. No, he didn't. You're going to have to accept it. No, he didn't, Brucie. In fact, he probably never even knew who you are in the first place. Hey, now, c'mon -- take that gun out of your mouth.

Meanwhile, readers at home can do a simple exercise to make this strip more accurate: Just substitute "Al Gore" for "George Bush", "9/11" for "Gulf oil spill", and "read 'Mallard Fillmore'" for "watch 'The View'".

deepbeep said...

I thought the first 3 phrases were uttered by Mallard. It's sad that I wasn't even surprised to hear him say it.

"The View" is a daytime show that housewives watch, right? How does Tinsley know enough about it to complain? Turn off the daytime TV and pick up a "fundamentals of cartooning" book.

Say, when's the last time we saw Mallard on his couch reading?

Bill the Splut said...

"What was the title of that memo?"


"Okay, you've covered your ass. You can leave now."

DharmaPete said...

Wow....a timely reference to "The View". I didn't expect that for at least 2 weeks. Has to be a coincidence.

CW in LA said...

Yeah, the president's appearance on "The View" is already old news; it's already generated the requisite b!tchy tweet from Dumbelina.

Ducky is Right said...

Make no mistake, we;ll be seeing a "OBAMA HATES THE SCOUTS!" in a about three weeks.
As a former scout, (well, Weebelo, but meh) I couldn't effing care less.

Bit on topic re today: Two things.
A: Is your memory so short that you don't even remember what your favorite propaganda channel has been saying for months?
B: If this happened under Bush, we'd be getting an earful about how it's, "not prudent" and "irresponsible" to make BP pay for the clean up. Then DP would have gotten a tax cut and a $50b bailout (remember, this was back when deficits didn't matter). And the news would be blaming liberals for trying to politicize it.