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Monday, July 05, 2010

That damned Experience

What's Mallard raving about today?

President Obama, The Military.

Their "military" experience (mostly dodging military service) didn't help President Bush and Vice President Cheney, whose every military endeavor turned to shit.

Can I just add how detestable Right Wing sanctimony about their Military fetishism is?


Faster, Harder, More Challenging GeoX said...

Let's leave aside everything else that's mendacious about this comic, and cut to what REALLY annoys me: "Our" commander-in-chief? I'm a civilian, dipshit. I don't HAVE a "commander-in-chief." The cretin who constantly whines about how kids are idiots who don't understand how our government works is under the impression that we live in a military dictatorship. Or maybe that's just wishful thinking on his part. Or a bit of both.

It's actually somewhat stunning that someone as brain-challenged as Tinsley actually has the bare-minimum motor skills necessary to produce his daily excretions.

Ducky is Right said...

If the founders thought military experience should be a requisite for becoming President, they would have put it in there, you fucking hack retard.

I love when people who claim that government is incompetent, dangerous, and fiscally wasteful then turn around and jack off to the military.

Ducky is Right said...

Ok, so I got curious, and Googled " 'Debbie Barnes', Pentagon", just to see who this was.

From what I can tell, she's no one. Ducky made up a person, and petty sniped at the President with a bullshit nonsense whine, using his made-up person as the set-up.

Speaking of; are third-rate, Podunk newspapers usually invited to Pentagon press briefings?

Tog said...

The day I listen to a lecture about military experience from Yellow Elephants--including one Bruce "Batshit" Tinsley ("My Daddy served! I can wrap myself in THAT!!")--is the day I want to be put out of my misery.

Neoconservative military expertise runs along the usual neocon lines: GOP GOOOOOD, DEM BAAAAAD, WHAR GOOOOOD. Your boys had eight years to screw up SO miserably, Batshit, and they performed "beautifully." Sit down and STFU.

exanonymous said...

So the implication is that Cheney and Bush do have military experience? What about Palin, Bolton, Rove, or Gingrich? What experience do they have, the kind where you line up plastic figures and make little shooting noises with your mouth?

Or does Mallard mean we should have voted in Kerry, who did have an established war record?

Is this really what he's going to hit Obama with? Who's idea was it anyways to spends millions of dollar per terrorist? Seems like before we discuss military experience, the math requirement should have been fulfilled.

CasualBrowser said...

The co-meme to "military service" is "business experience". Apparently in conservativeland, everything is run like the military or a corporation. Both are unassailable positions (unless held by liberals, of course). This is an unchanged attitude, never even considering our previous boob-in-chief who had both.

Kip W said...

Structurally, this seems to be three panel-less panels, which means that Noseworthy morphs into Mallard, probably when the moon is full. Of shit.

NickE said...

Attention hive mind: Can anybody find out what Tinsley's military record is?

Just wondering, you know, why he believes he's qualified to discuss the military.

CW in LA said...

Besides, when a candidate has extraordinary amounts of really praiseworthy military experience, as with John Kerry, that somehow turns out to be a bad thing, too.

But yeah, I'm wondering about the Tinsh's service record, too. We already know that his business experience amounts to an especially egregious case of Wingnut Welfare.

Frank Stone said...

Wow -- I didn't know Noseworthy had a twin brother.

Oh, I get it: Brucie was either too lazy to draw panel borders or too hungover to realize that he could save a bit of time by leaving out one of the Noseworthys, since there's no valid narrative reason for the image to be repeated.

rewinn said...

What if Mallard is right: America should be run by the military, just like the Founders put in the Constitution!!!!!

(It must be killing Tinshley that a majority of Americans voted for the smart guy over the guy who thought Sarah Palin would be able to replace him in an emergency...)

deepbeep said...

Wow. This is fascist. And I mean that in an objective, nonjudgmental way.

Tog said...

Completely OT: Remember how, in a long-ago interview (link would be appreciated), Batshit fantasized that neocons, aside from simply being more wonderful and genetically superior, were bigger tippers than liberals?

For waiters' sake, I sure hope so.

Toots McGee said...

People with "military experience", like ex-Pentagon insiders actually do add a certain gravitas to your reporting, especially if you're Fox News and you're cheerleading for a criminal war dreamed up by Cheney, Rumsfeld and a cokehead fratboy.

Kip W said...

Wikipedia's article on Tinsley mentions no military service, so I guess it's enough that he gets misty-eyed over his dad's once a year in between bouts of supporting the folks who like to send soldiers into harm's way but not pay for their armor or medical care.

wavydavy said...

As FHMC GeoX correctly notes, Obama is not the Commander-in-Chief of any non-military personnel at any time. In fact, he's not the CiC of the military except during war time. Technically, then, he is not even CiC of the military right now since we are not officially "at war" with anyone. I'm pretty sure the Founding Fathers did not include an AUMF as a substitute for Congress' declaring war.

And as Ducky is Right correctly observes, this is one of those lip-service support things that neocons and their ilk do all the time. "Yay! We love our servicemen! No, they don't need anything resembling actual medical care" is just like "Teachers are the most important people because they are shaping the future -- so let's lay them off by the thousands and wonder why this country is so stupid".

Plus, of course, the implied comparison between Obama and Tinkley's heroes like Cheney, Bush, Limbaugh, Beck, etc., etc. is, as always, bullshit.

So, all in all, just another day at the office for the drunk duck.

WV: pawks. Short for "punk hawks", something Tinkley knows all about.

Rootbeer said...

Has the newsroom staff of WFDR-TV been reduced to working at a row of internet terminals at the socialist public library...?

Why else would Mr. Jewsworthy and Mr. Jewsworthy #2 and Mallard all be seated side-by-side like this?