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Tuesday, December 07, 2010

That damned Belief

What's Mallard raving about today?

Santa Claus, President Obama.

People no longer believe President Obama exists? I had no idea.


Tog said...

Now, come on, Davey, you know what Batshit means: people no longer believe in Change You Can Believe In.

And Batshit's right: faith in Obama is deeply shaken and the rift is growing deeper every day. I don't care to argue the justification of that loss of faith--or the realism or sincerity of that faith to begin with--except to say that once Americans stop declaring so-and-so to be the next Squeaky Clean Infallible Messiah and Champion of My Personal Christmas List of Pet Causes, we'll all be much better off.

But since Batshit strode around proudly with Junior Bush's dick in his mouth for eight years (with the exception of a single strip), Batshit remains a complete groveling hypocrite.

Paul Smecker said...

I might just be wantin' a dick to suck with my coffee.

Rootbeer said...

Keep catapulting that propaganda, Brucie.

Without a doubt there are many voters that are disappointed President Obama turned out to be a pragmatic moderate, rather than a liberal firebrand counterpart to the rabid ideologism of the Bush administration.

His approval rating over time, though, is tracking pretty closely to Reagan's.

And, for that matter, every president since Kennedy who isn't named Bush and didn't push their approval rating into the high 80's in their first term by dropping bombs on the Mideast.

Kip W said...

People can't believe in them because they can't tell who they are supposed to be. Try drawing from a photo source next time instead of from a drawing copied from a drawing copied from Ramirez's caricature.

Frank Stone said...

When Garry Trudeau was Colbert's guest last night, promoting his 40th anniversary "Doonesbury" retrospective, I noted they briefly mentioned "Mallard Fillmore". I wonder which pissed Brucie off more: the likelihood that that's the closest he'll ever come to being a guest on The Colbert Report, the certainty that "MF" won't survive long enough to celebrate its own 40th anniversary, or the reality that no one will remember "MF" ever existed by the time it would have been the strip's 40th anniversary.

Oh, and to tie this loosely back to today's strip: Imagine that's Mallard in Santa's lap, saying the same thing, and there's a caption at the top reading, "Five years from now..."

rewinn said...

This on the day that we learn Obama's giving in to the GOP on a tax give-a-way to the rich.

Great timing, as always, Tinshely! Are you man enough to thank Obama for letting you have what you demaned - or are you angry at him letting Mitch McConnell blow up the deficit even more?

Ironically, Brewsky has zero chance of being in the tax bracket the GOP was holding the rest of America hostage to. It's a cinch he's got fewer readers than xkcd or even Overcompensating ... although the former shows more drafting skill and the latter holds its liquor better.

rewinn said...

Breaking News: Nigeria indicts Cheney for corruption!

I realize that this is not really apropos of today's "comic" but ... well, it's ten times funnier ... and much more truthy!

Ducky is Right said...

Fox News says it, ergo post facto proctor hoc vis a vis telemundo, it's true.

Paul Smecker said...

I might just be wanting a dick to suck with my coffee.