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Monday, December 06, 2010

That damned Time

What's Mallard raving about today?

TSA Procedures.

Mallard, it's pants-wetters like yourself who have brought us to this point. For 8 years, no amount of civil liberty sacrifice was enough and anyone who objected was immediately decried as wanting the Terrorists to win.

Gee, what could have changed since then?


Tog said...

Still, it's good to see Batshit's given up on the outright call for only profiling people who "look like terrorists" (translation: people with skin darker than his).

He's leaving that to FOX Propaganda pundits and going back to groundwork basics: moaning that this Inconveniencing of The Great American White Man constitutes the greatest injustice in the history of the universe. Rise up, White Man! Seize your entitlement! Demand your free pass! They can't judge you by the acts of a few bad apples, but you can judge them by whatever the hell tickles your fancy!


exanonymous said...

It's only because they're doing these invasive procedures to white people that most of the right is even upset. Which makes the whole thing rather sickening.

Personally, I think its all been overboard. But I never did buy into the fear. The 9/11 hijackings could never happen again, the success of the plan relied on the the trust of the passengers in the hijackers. About all they can do now is smuggle a bomb on board and take out a single plane, which even if it succeeded, wouldn't be an actual threat against most US citizens. Air travel would drop, companies would go under, airline tickets would get more expensive, and security measures would require the invention of a new type of bomb, which is simply not sustainable as a long term attack plan. They'd be better off convincing the gullible population they control the weather because it's a better killer, except that their point is to humiliate and force the US to react harshly in fear.

And sadly it takes pictures of a fat rich white guy's junk to make people realize that. Hopefully when the TSA employees finally rebel or quit, this chapter on stupidity will close. Contrary to popular right-wing opinion, they aren't perverts who enjoy pictures of old,ugly naked people and feeling up children.

dlauthor said...

Guess it's time to keep an eye out for "OBSCURE CARTOONIST ARRESTED NAKED AT INDIANAPOLIS INDIANA AIRPORT: Creator of Mallard Fillmore reported as 'drunk, belligerent, shouting racist slurs'" on the AP wire.

Of course, except for the "naked" part, that's probably been a possibility for at least nine years, now that I think about it.

Paul Smecker said...

I might just be wanting a dick to suck with my coffee.

wavydavy said...

Some REAL people are already doing this.

Not that that makes Brucie/Mallard any less of an idiot or racist. The only civil liberties that concern him are the ones that let him keep drinking.

CW in LA said...

Wooo, the Tinsh actually tells a joke. A stale joke that's been around for years, but a joke nonetheless.

Partial credit too for lack of duck crotch.

To summarize, I believe we've just seen the best Mallard Fillmore of 2010.

Frank Stone said...

Yeah, Brucie, that joke was pretty funny the first time I heard it -- almost nine years ago.

And, as is often the case, we're apparently supposed to guess at Brucie's intention. Does he consider the latest airport "security" dog-and-pony show to be a BAD thing? And why should we care?

Kip W said...

Shouldn't there be a bunch of balloons dropping from the ceiling, and noisemakers, and cameras, and a large banner that says "ONE MILLIONTH PERSON TO USE THIS JOKE!"?

Rootbeer said...

I like that the scanner machine is so utterly unidentifiable as a scanner that a sign had to be placed in from saying "THIS ARE SCANNER".

Why is the technician wearing those big headphones? Is he listening to his dad's LP collection on the job?

That machine doesn't actually show naked travelers on that screen, just the inner gatefold of Houses of the Holy.

Ducky is Right said...

See, the only problem with Naked Air, is you KNOW that 90% of the passengers are going to be frat boys and middle-aged men, all hoping that the next passenger on board will be the 18-year old co-ed cheerleader squad.
It will never be the 18-year old co-ed cheerleader squad. Ever.

Tog said...

Off-topic: Say there, Bats... Since you seem to have abandoned the whole "new direction for Mallard Fillmore as Mallard's career is destroyed by the global liberal media jewspiracy" hoohah, perhaps you'd like to revisit the "Quest for the 'Mythical' Moderate Muslim."

Here's an excellent place to reboot the search.

It's a little bit of that truth you used to claim you spoke to power.