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Thursday, December 02, 2010

Those damned Canadians

What's Mallard raving about today?

Holidays, Health Care.

If only it were true. But since Mallard Fillmore is saying it, you know it's no true.


exanonymous said...

Canada's health care, what a horrible thing! They're just crawling over the border to get here, we need a fence!

And somebody's grumpy through the entire holidays.

Faster, Harder, More Challenging GeoX said...

Tinsley vomits in rage at the thought of a health care system that doesn't let people die 'cause they're poor. That's because he's all Christ-like and shit.

Tog said...

Mallard has just figured out that Thanksgiving and Christmas are a month apart. Woooo...(.)

Look, Batshit, it's just like the 4th of July; you've made it clear you aren't grateful for one damn thing, and you're certainly not a genuine Christian, so you don't have to celebrate any of these holidays.

God, you're such a knob.

Rootbeer said...

Does the migratory waterfowl think that agricultural products are harvested only once per year, and that it happens at the same time everywhere regardless of local climate?

dlauthor said...

But if we moved Thanksgiving to October, when would we celebrate Killing All The Natives Day?

On the plus side, Thanksgiving could then serve as a reminder to Tinshley that Veterans Day is coming up, and maybe he should put down the bottle and do something about that.

Beef Wellington said...

What a horrible plight, Having almost equal and afforadble healthcare for everyone, Why shudder the thought we just might catch up with the rest of the world.

waaaaahbaggers said...

I would certainly hate to live in a country where I had to pay hundreds of dollars a month for shitty health care that's about to get even shittier next year because of bureaucratic corporate reasons, only to find out that despite our supposed coverage, my wife had to pay $45 for freaking prescription eyedrops today for something as commonplace as viral freaking conjunctivitis.

OH, WAIT. I DO LIVE THERE. Never mind, then. God bless America, you dirty Commies with your socialist longer life expectancies and your radical lower infant mortality! Tax breaks for billionaires ahoy!

Frank Stone said...

We're adopting Canada's health care system. Riiiight. That's why Obama preemptively capitulated on single-payer (a.k.a. the Canadian health care system).

But reality isn't what keeps the gullible right-wingers stewing in their own infantile outrage; fantasy is. Hence, the talking point SOCIALIZED MEDICINE AIIIEEEEEE!!!!!

wavydavy said...

Thanksgiving and Xmas are almost exactly as far apart as Memorial Day and the Fourth of July.

So which one of THOSE two do you suppose Mr. "I'm a true American and you're not, plus I support the troops (when I'm not forgetting Veterans' Day)!" thinks should move to a different date?

And if he's really that worried about holidays being too close, I can't wait for the strip about Xmas and New Year's. Eeek! They're only a week apart!!

Bill the Splut said...

New Years Eve is Tinny's only holiday. All the other ones have some religious or national reason for existing, whereas New Years is the only holiday when the sole purpose is to get shitfaced. I'm surprised he doesn't want it moved up--to every day of the year.

Dean Booth said...

...Just read today's MF, and came here to vent! How easily the Right can lie.

In 2011, my work health care will go from free to ~$2,500 per year. For my co-workers who need to insure their family, it is a devistating cost. I wanted to ask for a show of hands of who voted for Voinovich.

Madpuppy said...

Meanwhile, in Texas, House Appropriatations chairman Jim Pitts admitted that if Texas goes through with opting out of Medicaid, some people would be in deep trouble:

"If we did exactly what we're doing today[stying in Medicaid], we wouldn't be throwing him out in the street. But if we have any savings in getting out of Medicaid, we will have to throw some people out in the street," said Pitts, R-Waxahachie.

BTW- Pitts is for opting out of Medicaid.

And this was said at a Tea Party town hall. Odd that the Tea Partiers are suddenly so concerned about their government health insurance.

rewinn said...

I'm half-Canadian.

The American healthcare system is insane: more expensive and less effective than Canada's.

Now, Canada's has a few problems, and the costs will probably go up a little - some day it may cost only 75% of what ours does instead of only 60% (per capita). But it will always have better outcomes so long as we funnel our money through parties who do nothing but skim of money, a.k.a. insurers.