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Monday, December 20, 2010

That damned Wife

What's Mallard raving about today?


Ewww. Just...Ewww.


exanonymous said...

Besides the ick factor,
women and shopping, amirite?

There's a certain level of social civility to maintain to live in a society. Apparently some men are lazy a-holes who sneer at the season (except when it gives them the chance to be a victim) and this is a Good Thing to be.

I'm glad I'm of the whimsical foolish air-headed Christmas-shopping gender. Sure, I have to do the shopping, planning, cleaning, cooking, tasks above and beyond beer-fetching like thinking, but I don't pi$$ my life away at some bar alternating between angry and depressed. And the men who tolerate and even help such women always seem to be happier, healthier, and better loved men for it, as opposed to this poor castrated individual looking for love on Santa's lap.

Ducky is Right said...

Nurhurhur guys hate shopping, amirite?!
1987 called, they want their stand-up jokes back.

BTW, go ahead wedge your ass as deep into Santa's crotch as you can, guy. Really dig in there, find out what's up.

Tog said...

Hey everybody! It's a new direction for Mallard Fillmore!!

Well, at least it's not as hate-filled and nasty as Batshit's usual discharge...

Happy Holidays!

Beef wellington said...

So... He just admitted that while his wife shops tinsley sits in male strangers laps.

WV:Spoke, Perhaps tinsley should never have.

Kip W said...

So Tin's nude erection consists of turning the strip over to the season's best-known icons. I can hardly wait for two weeks of soul-dead Abe Lincoln staring out at us every day. Why, they practically draw themselves, and then you just have to scribble any damn words in that fit the balloons you put in.

Rootbeer said...

"'Men be acting all like zombies at the mall.' God, ain't that the truth?"
-Stewie Griffin

I wish Mallard Fillmore was more like Family Guy: cancelled eight years ago.

dlauthor said...

We now know something else Bruce Tinshley likes, besides cheap bourbon, hating brown people, and relentless spite: elderly bears! Yay, unintentional revelations!

rewinn said...

I salute Bruce Tinshley's celebration of the end of DADT by endorsing homosexuality in uniform (...even if it's Santa's uniform. We get the message!)

It is kinda dickish for a grown man to make the kids behind him in line wait until his wife finishes shopping, but the entire theme of this week has been "Being Dickish About Christmas".

Makes you wonder if someone confused "Dickish" and "Dickens"???

Anyway, a big shout-out to the open relationship and/or bisexuality now receiving the Mallard Fillmore endorsement! it's not how *I* roll, but isn't it wonderfully open-minded of the duck ... on a par with his cross-species lust for Chantelle?

deepbeep said...

This contains the same amount of humor as yesterday's pious "Charlie Brown Xmas" strip.