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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

That damned History

What's Mallard raving about today?

President Obama, Chia-Heads.

Mallard's now objecting to President Obama because people are making commemorative merchandise for the first Black President in U.S. History.

I'd say "unbelievable" but, honestly it's just what you'd expect from a bilious, joyless waterfowl.


Tog said...

*le sigh*

Factinista said...

It would be funny if he spent the whole week on this and forgot Christmas. Wouldn't be all that surprising either.

Rootbeer said...


I bet what happened was that Tinsley had planned a storyline that presented a sober look at the damaging effects of DADT and veterans' care policy on our military readiness, but then Doonesbury went and did the same thing so he had to call an audible or risk looking derivative.

Yeah, that's what happened.

word veri: "sancu". How the author slurs his gratitude to the bartender for the buyback on his sixth and twelfth scotches of the night.

Kip W said...

If I saw this anywhere else, it would be pretty much apolitical. With Tin's history, though, I can only conclude that this is Part Ten Billion of the usual bitchfest, only so passive and undistinguished as to be nearly indecipherable.

Maybe tomorrow some soul-dead waterfowl will tell me what to think.

Kip W said...

ps: A Chia planter in the shape of the Obama head Tin draws wouldn't stand up. It would have to be stuck in the ground by the chin, like a tent stake.

dlauthor said...

Who wants to give odds that Tinshley will still be drunkenly blithering about Obamachiagate on Saturday, and two weeks later we'll get the inevitable "holy shit, I missed Christmas!" strip?

Also, who wants to take up a collection to have 100 Obama Chia heads sent to him for the holidays?

Tog said...

Guys, Sunday was the Christmas strip.

Christmas is Saturday, and Batshit needed a Sunday strip to pound everyone over the head with his annual holier-than-everyone-else strip that interrupts his year-long douchebaggery.

Batshit will never forget Christmas, because that's the time people give him stuff...but then look disappointed for some reason, almost as if they expected something from him in exchange. Weird!

Matt J said...

The only reason they didn't make a G. W. Bush Chia head, is that it only grew mushrooms.

wavydavy said...

Well, at least he won't be in the same category as Chimpy McFlightSuit: Presidents who had fewer functional brain cells than a chia pet.

deepbeep said...

Usually I'd cut Tinsley some slack, because most other workers are mailing it in for the rest of the year. However, Tinsley's been at it since January 1.

rewinn said...

This is another badly written script. The last balloon "ch-ch-chia" adds nothing to the comic, but detracts from the punchline, thus lessening the already weak joke.

And the "I don't care what the polls say" is unneeded. It would be much crisper and funnier if Obama were simply to say, "History will put me in the same category as Washington and Lincoln ... Presidents with chia planters shaped like their heads."

Obama is more popular than Reagan was at the same point in office, and were it not for the boost W got from 9/11, he'd be clobbering W too. All this after relentless, heavily funded attacks from corporations enraged by his attempt to close tax loopholes on them ... and some quite understandable loss of support from those who, like me, forgot that he's what in Nixon's day would be called a moderate conservative but today is called a centrist.

Still, there's nothing really shameful with being so popular that people buy ornamental vases depicting you. I would imagine more people would find it moderately amusing.

Marion Delgado said...

"Sorry I forgot Christmas..."

"... the liberals made me...."

"... but at least I didn't forget 'Happy Holidays'!!"

Bill the Splut said...

This makes me want to support Bruce by buying all that Mallard Fillmore tie-in merchandise!

...Oh, there isn't any? Just a few books for a penny on Amazon? You'd think there'd be a Mallard Chia. Grass would grow great on head made of shit.

WV: unfeind; on Facebook, you don't unfriend Bruce, you un-fiend him.

Ducky is Right said...

OH boy, a week of Tinsley trying to dance around "Obama with a chia Afro".