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Friday, December 31, 2010

That damned Blame

What's Mallard raving about today?


If you are looking for a yardstick, Republican have spent 10 years (and counting) blaming President Clinton for everything which went wrong during President Bush's Administration.


Factinista said...

And on the flip side, you just KNOW that if Obama does something universally liked, this joker will try to say it was all because of the Republicans in Congress.

Tog said...

That's the cardinal rule of wrong-wing hypocrisy. Maybe Batshit would like to enlighten us as to how he thinks things got where they are today?

The Bush tax cuts have been in place for ten years; Where are the jobs, Batshit? Why hasn't your beloved, infallible Laffer Curve fixed the budget?

Wrong-wing pundits sold America on two invasions that have become treasury-draining quagmires. Batshit now says he knew it was a really bad idea, but Mr. Speaks-Truth-To-Power kept silent about it for years, just as he doesn't have a lot to say about the pundits currently screaming for a third front, to be opened on Iran, North Korea, or any country that looks at us crosseyed.

So what does Mallard bang his pan about? Fear. Fear about Obamacare, higher taxes, political correctness, and other imaginary boogeymen. Oh, and HAW HAW CHIA PET HAW HAW HEE.

Here's to another year of Bruce Tinsley's abject, slobbering stupidity.

dlauthor said...

That's not fair. Wingnuts also blame things that happened at the end of the Bush clusterfuck on Obama. And certain Wingnuts also blame their DUIs on cops and judges.

Kip W said...

Just join the GOP, kid, and then nothing will ever be your fault again and can safely be blamed on Democrats. Earlier Democrats, later Democrats, and especially powerless Democrats.

Rule of thumb: the bigger you fuck up, the farther back you reach for a blameworthy Democrat. (Nobody's used Buchanan lately! Better save Jackson for a really special occasion.)

Frank Stone said...

And meanwhile, the latest Republican poster child for personal responsibility, Christine O'Donnell, is busily blaming everyone but herself for the investigation into her financial fiasco.

And Brucie is apparently wondering how far into THIS gig he can get away with drawing virtually nothing on a daily basis and still get paid for it.

Kaitlyn said...

I think Mallard and the pundits live in a nice orderly world, where nothing from the previous part of life has any affect on the next.

It must be nice.

CW in LA said...

Hell, Glenn Bleck has been blaming stuff on Woodrow Wilson.

rewinn said...

Hey everyone: Happy New Year!

I think we made it through 2010 without Mallard Fillmore expressing a single positive emotion. We can all be thankful that we have a much more normal range of human emotions, and thefore look to 2011 with hope.

Madpuppy said...

I know several conservatives who are actively rewriting history, and saying everything that went wrong under Bush II was due to the fact that the Democrats were in charge of the House and the Senate for his entire presidency. They refuse to believe that the the Democrats didn't get control until '06.

Rootbeer said...

Oh, come on, comic man.

Fifteen years and you've yet to figure out how to copy a picture of Daffy Duck with his beak open -- and yet you draw Baby New Year with jaw slack, and a text bubble indicating speech rather than thought? Coming out of the infant's torso?

I refuse to judge this strip on the "merits" of its "writing" until it displays even a basic understanding of the fundamental tropes of cartoon art.