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Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy New Year!

What's Mallard raving about today?

New Year's Eve.

Mallard believes companies throw New Year's Eve Parties.

Let that information provide context for Mallard's grasp on reality for the rest of 2011.


Tog said...

Happy Same-Shit-Different-Year, folks!

Suddenly, Mallard is not worried or concerned at all about his other-than-employed status. Why? Because he can avoid all human contact. And yet, he gossips excitedly on the phone just like his stereotypical idea of a woman.

In other words, it makes no sense. As usual.

...Unless Mallard and Batshit are about to come out of the closet. Is that festive little number he's wearing a clue? That'd certainly be a "new direction for Mallard Fillmore."

Bill the Splut said...

Oh, I finally get the "unemployed" story line. Those lazy bums, sucking at the gummint's teat and getting to do whatever they want! We should get rid of unemployment insurance and give that money to those that deserve it, the already rich!

Like spending 10 minutes scribbling out an unfunny, unimaginative, bile-laden hack comic strip counts as "work."

Kip W said...

I find the strip is somewhat funnier if you replace all the words in the thought balloon with a couple of hyphens, and draw Xs over his pupils. Put in some stink lines and it becomes downright heart-warming.

Frank Stone said...

It's almost painful watching Brucie trying to give Mallard more than his standard two facial expressions ("stunned-with-a-hammer" and "smug smirk"). I'd recommend that he go back to cartooning school, but that would presume that he actually cares about the quality of his work.

WV: siaticis: The back condition Brucie complains about after waking up from a night of "research".

Kaitlyn said...

Why is it a perk? Because he'll make a fool of himself and people will gossip about him like he's doing now? Or because he doesn't like seeing the drunken hook-ups? If he doesn't, why is he gossiping?

Eh. I hate parties anyway.

Happy New Year! I hope you've got steady weather - it was 70 F this time yesterday and it's 40 F right now. At least the heat brought rain which meant no fireworks.

I am seriously a New Years killjoy. I watched some Twilight Zone episodes and while the show could be repetitive (You mean they're NOT human?!) at least it was always good to look at.

rewinn said...

And a new year of negative emotions begins!
How many "Mallard Fillmores" before the duck expresses something other than fear, anger or sadness?
It really seems to be true that the conservative brain is intrinsically more fearful.