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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

That damned Term

What's Mallard raving about today?

Journalists, Illegal Immigrants.

One the one hand, I ask myself the question: what time of mind it takes to get this upset over absolutely nothing?

On the other hand, the insult "politically correct toadying elitist left wing flacks" indicates that I'm dealing with someone who never got beyond a petty middle school bully's mentality.

So, I guess what I am saying my answer.


Faster, Harder, More Challenging GeoX said...


Sometimes, you sort of forget quite what a horrifyingly awful human being he is. Then, he reminds you.

DiR said...

How can one be a toady AND an elitist? That makes no logical.

Don't feel bad, Ducky. Lots of people get off on dehumanizing other people to make them easier to hate. Like serial killers, and nazis.

The fact that this has been deemed a 'left wing' position says more about you then it does about the media, slappy.

Tog said...

Because Glenn Beck, Ann Coulter, the assorted lickspittles at FOX Propaganda, all the outrageous liars Bruce Tinsley cites, and Bruce Tinsley himself aren't "toadies," but "patriots," no?


exanonymous said...

It's very telling how attached certain people are to the phrase "illegal alien". They get some sort of weird thrill out of reinforcing the idea that someone is breaking the law simply by living, and working and raising a family that they swear has nothing to do with race.

Kip W said...

Well, it's pretty obvious who hasn't kissed the right wing's ass enough this week. (By which I mean three weeks ago.) Did they fail to look the other way and blame the victim fast enough? Did they carry an insufficient quantity of water for The Sacred Cause? Or is this just a reflex when Tin's got nothing much on his mind; the equivalent of a station test card with a picture of an injun chief on it?

Rootbeer said...


Why is there a "New Year's Prediction" joke being published when we're almost three weeks into the new year at this point?

Why is this rant against journalistic standards a "prediction", instead of the usual fallacious observation about present conditions?

Why is Mallard gazing into a bowling ball?

Why bother calling this a "comic strip" when two-thirds of its area is sloppily-lettered text?

Why is there a drawing of some guy we've never seen before in the middle of the wall of text? Is he supposed to embody the idea of "professional journalists"?

Why is he writing on looseleaf with an oversized novelty pencil?

Why hasn't the strip re-organized itself around it's most compelling character, Sheaf of Paper, like when "Robotman" turned into "Monty"?

Why do newspapers still give money to the syndicate for this dreck?

Why do I read it every day?


Bill the Splut said...

...Sort of like how the Librul Meedea have been calling them the Tea Party, ever since those idiots realized how hilarious it was when they proudly called themselves "Tea Baggers."

dlauthor said...

Hey, we use the code word "right-wing cartoonist" for "talentless, drunken, racist borderline personality who is somehow considered equivalent to Garry Trudeau despite the fact that he can't write, reason, draw, or walk a straight line when the officers ask him to." So all's fair, you right-wing cartoonist.

Anonymous said...

Why? We read it every day since, without it, this blog wouldn't be so much fun.

Frank Stone said...

Yeah! You tell 'em, Mallard! Damn all those politically correct, toadying, elitist, left-wing flacks who got Al Gore and John Kerry elected! And who won't listen to a THING Sarah Palin has to say! And who COMPLETELY IGNORE the tea partiers! And who provide absolutely NO public forum to the people who believe Barack Obama is a Kenyan-born socialist Muslim who's out to destroy America from within! Damn them all to HELL!!!

Oh, wait...

rewinn said...

Shall we look at the facts?

Judy Miller got promoted for her service in helping the rightwing launch a war of aggression.

Bill Maher lost his job for not toadying.

The idea that our media is liberal is the journalistic equivalant of flat-eartherism, creationism and/or global warming denial.

Bill the Splut said...

ELITIST REPORTER: "Can't report now! Palin hasn't had a tweet in MINUTES!"

Marion Delgado said...

I think you have violently intimidated Bruce Tinsley into being afraid to post his comics about the Kenyan usurprer and his low polls.

And you want to talk civilianity?

The Kendonesian is down to 49.5% approval! If W had ever gotten that low, I would have seed it on my TV box and also the local fishwrap. Mallard Fillmore forever, libral media never!

David in NYC said...

So I guess it's still OK to refer to certain duck-drawing cartoonists as "incompetent assclowns"?

WV: bangoop. Two-parter -- sound effect of a (probably terrorist) truck backfire plus Tinkley's utterance upon looking at his underwear right after.