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Thursday, January 20, 2011

That damned Milestone

What's Mallard raving about today?

Baby Boomers.

Well, now you're just making stuff up to be pissed about. I mean, seriously? At some point on this day Mallard thought to himself, "You know what I hate? Baby Boomers."

Sad, very sad. If he wasn't a hateful prick, you'd pit Mallard.


Tog said...

Today it is revealed that Mallard's left leg is actually a deformed penis.

Want to talk milestones? Has anyone counted the number of times Batshit has drawn this very same strip, just with different blather in the word balloon?

JohnE said...

"Pit" Mallard?

I'd rather "pith" Mallard.

Anonymous said...

I thought that comics are supposed to be funny. As with every other MF strip, where's the humor?

Rootbeer said...

The post-WWII baby boom started around 1946 and ended around 1964.

Bruce Tinsley was born in 1958.

rewinn said...

Yesterday the GOP passed "The Patient-Killing Repeal of Health Insurance Reform" which has got to be some sort of a milestone.

OK, they didn't call it that ... but if a so-called conservative political comic strip was any good, it would've referred somehow to the signature issue of the modern conservative movement.

Kip W said...

"I can't think of anything new to slam the Baby Boomers with. And this is central to my point, because it proves that they suck!"

ajm said...

I'd "pit" Mallard against common sense. And my money would be on common sense.

David in NYC said...

Rootbeer beat me to it. Apparently, Mallard hates himself. Don't know about the "creepiest" part, but definitely an early candidate for "Unintentional Self-Revelation".

@ajm: Hell, I'd pit Mallard against a pile of weeks-old laundry (I'm sure there's a lot of it, too), and absolutely bet on the laundry -- in any contest.

Toots McGee said...

What are these "baby boomer milestones" anyway? Like when the oldest baby boomers begin turning 65 (using 1946 as the beginning of the boom)?
Is this the knd of thing that he means? I can't figure it out. He should just turn off the tv.

Smeckleberry said...

Get off Forrest's dick.