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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Those damned Storms

What's Mallard raving about today?

Sarah Palin.

Day 4 of Mallard Fillmore defending the real victims of the Arizona shooting. Those people who got shot were just showboating; poor Sarah Palin was asked to consider the effect her words might have.

How will she ever recover?


Tog said...

You don't recover, you reload.
...You know, after emptying your clip in to America's foreign-born enemies!
Exceptionalism! Number one!!
Yew betcha!!

Frank Stone said...

Aww, Brucie's got a crush. I guess he figures that since Sarah reads all the newspapers and some of them carry his miserable excuse for a comic strip, she's bound to notice his little half-assed love letters eventually.

That's right, Brucie, you pathetic wretch -- keep it up. Maybe it'll help if you try stroking the barrel of your toy gun while chanting, "She does know who I am... She does know who I am..."

Oh, and by the way, how's that job search going, Mallard?

confused said...

You know, had it been a liberal shooting a conservative, we would be reading about all the "vitriol" coming from the left and how that led to such a tragedy. Instead, there’s a complete lack of sympathy for the innocent lives taken, and the typical victim mentality of the Right.

Reasonable people were saying the uncivil discourse needed to stop in all corners. Sorry, right-wingers, it isn’t always about you.

Kip W said...

Those weren't dead bodies in Arizona. They were pawns in the media game. The important thing is to turn those pawns the right way so that their death benefits the conservative side, using any means possible.

Ho ha! Stupid liberals blame conservative for the weather! Everybody know it am other way round! Stupid liberals projecting again, not like smart conservatives!

Marion Diabolito said...

This is also an Al Gore is Fat cartoon. Weather! Damn liberals say its "carbon." We know it's God! Next thing you know liberals will say cold weather is caused by Sarah Palin! They blame her for everything!

rewinn said...

What great timing: Palin just announced that Sputnik lead to the collapse of the Soviet Union.

(And in doing so, she PROVED her relevance by using that catchy phrase all the hep cats are using: WTF!)

The laffs just keep on coming ...

Frank Stone said...

Oy. In addition to her laughable "Sputnik caused the collapse of the Soviet USSR, don'tcha know" foolishness, Sarah is, like most conservative windbags, willfully misinterpreting Obama's Sputnik remarks as "praising" the Soviets for their Space Race accomplishment.

Since Keith Olbermann isn't saying it anymore, I will: That woman is an idiot.

DiR said...

The funny part is that Tins has no idea that he's Palin's bitch.
Useful idiots, indeed.

Faster, Harder, More Challenging GeoX said...

Here's the email I send to Tinsley, even though I'm pretty sure he's blocked my email and he wouldn't respond regardless:

So just out of curiosity, Tinz, answer me this: I know that in your mind, people suggesting that Sarah Palin think about the effects of her rhetoric are WAY, WAY worse than people murdering nine-year-olds, but I want to know just how MUCH worse you think it is. So fill in this analogy, please:

Murdering children : Criticizing Saint Sarah : : Stubbing your toe : ____________? Seriously, what are we talking about here? Trail of Tears? Bataan Death March? Khmer Rouge? The Holocaust itself? I ask because I care.

Your friend,

Gotta at least TRY to make him see what a monster he is.

Anonymous said...

DaveyK, I would say that Sarah Palin has recovered quite well.

She has reloaded and also fired a few shots at Obama's SOTU Address with his 'WTF' theme in the crosshairs. Great Lady!

This should crank up the hits on this pathetic blog.

Faster, Harder, More Challenging GeoX said...

Gosh...if this blog's "pathetic," then what a sad, worthless life anyone bothering to troll it must lead...the mind boggles.

By the way, anonyloser, I can't say I'm surprised that you, like Tinsley, care more about Moosegirl getting her feelings hurt than you do about children getting killed. It's still disgusting, though.

Kaitlyn said...

You'd think the delay would make this less hateful, you'd be wrong.

Writing him may not do anything, but writing the syndicate and/or your newspaper if they carry him may.

Anonymous said...

Geox - Do you still live alone in your varmint infested apartment? Enjoy yourself do you?

The left-wingers do have a problem with Sarah. It was amusing how she nailed Obama on his SOTU speech.

Full story here from The Hill: 'WTF,' says Palin of President Obama's 'Win the Future' State of the Union. Enjoy!

Factinista said...

It takes real "talent" (and I use that term lightly) to talk as much as Simple Sarah does while saying absolutely nothing.

Faster, Harder, More Challenging GeoX said...

Just to provide context, the anonymous loser is apparently referring to something I posted on my blog back in the fall about how a chipmunk had somehow stumbled into my apartment. So, to recap: the loser obsessively follows my blog in order to get information that will allow it to make really feeble attempts at insults months later. That kind of behavior is always the sign of a balanced, well-adjusted life.

But hey, loser, thanks for the hits!

Tog said...

Oh, yes, Sarah Failin' really nailed Obama with her revisionist history (...did any of you know that Sputnik brought down the USSR? It wasn't Ronald Reagan or Afghanistan at all! Wow!) and her brilliant "spud nut" reference.

...You're an idiot, anon.

When her own former cheering section in the GOP starts loudly suggesting Sarah STFU, maybe it's time for you to consider the same course of action. Hey, if you're looking for a new crazy lady, there's FOX's Nazi-blind Megyn Kelly...or Michele Bachmann if you like 'em REALLY psycho.

Kip W said...

Tog, that's my take as well: Palin just said that Sputnik brought the Evil Empire down, not Saint Ron's tough talkin' at the wall.

So who's wrong here? The winking whiner from Wasilla, or the GOP party line for the last 20 years?

David in NYC said...

@Anonymouse* --

So you STILL think rhetoric like crosshairs and "reload" is a GOOD idea?

You just don't have a fucking clue, do you? Not even a murdered child is enough to get you to rub two brain cells together.

*I should probably stop using the "mouse" reference, since mice are both smarter and braver than you are.