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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Those damned People

What's Mallard raving about today?

The Unemployed

Mallard, who really can't be said to have done anything to find a new job other than complain really (Will complain for food), thinks the unemployed are lazy bastards.

Showing approximately the same compassion for them as he did for the victims of the assassination attempt in Arizona.

Where most of us have common decency, Mallard simply has a gaping black hole of hate.


Rootbeer said...

Is this supposed to be a comment on the media hype swirling around Ted "Golden Voice" Williams? If so, then I might find myself nodding in agreement. But knowing this strip, this probably wasn't the intent.

Tog said...

Holy crap, Ted Williams never occurred to me. I thought Batshit was aiming his "sharp wit" (HAW) at the jobs themselves, ignoring the blatant hypocrisy ("Will announce football games for Oxycontin and opportunity to be racist jackass").

But it fits Batshit's modus operandi perfectly to be enraged that a homeless black man got a job, especially when everyone knows (it's just common sense!) that the only real victims of anything--ever--are white Americans*.

*subject to further narrowing at any time

Want fun/scary reading? Look up the latest article on Ayn Rand's appeal for the teabaggers at Alternet, and check out the linked articles about who she admired and why--especially the Nov. 2, 2009 Slate article. It goes a long, long way towards explaining Batshit.

"If one believes one's right, one shouldn't wait to convince millions of fools, one might just as well force them."
--Rand's We the Living (1936)

"Fools. You can kill 'em, you can only hope to contain 'em."
--Mallard Fillmore (Bruce Tinsley)

Tog said...

Correction: The Tinsley quote should be, "You CAN'T kill 'em, you can only hope to contain 'em."

DiR said...

Lololol hollyweird LIEbruls don't have any marketable skills!!

Never mind that Hollywood is a shiny bastion of free-market economy that almost always performs well and generates billions of dollars in revenue every year; SOME OF THEM DON'T LIKE CONSERVATIVES!

Bold new direction of MF, indeed. Same old shit he does every year, yet still gets paid for.

CW in LA said...

Trying to figure out the Tinsh's point beyond "libruls hur hur hur" is always a hazardous undertaking.

But I thought this alleged effort was a swipe at how cushy those darn celebrities have it. I'm just looking at what these people say they'll do for food - star in movies, do commercials, put up with the paparazzi.

I'm not sure how the NBA fits into that, unless there's also a "colored folk - amirite?" subtext.

deepbeep said...

Nice background. They are all skydiving, I take it?

"Will draw crappy duck cartoons for food."

Steve-O said...

Yeah, I'm pretty sure this is some kind of swipe at that homeless guy Ted Williams. An inartful and ham-handed swipe, but a swipe nonetheless.

rewinn said...

Ted Williams got a job because he has a talent that's in demand.

Mallard Fillmore gets published because there's a quota for conservative comics.

So why the rage?

rewinn said...

Also: When the time comes for awards, I nominate this for the Most Dickish.

A normal human being, possessed of normal healthy emotions, would be glad for Ted Williams and even inspired by his story to do better. To mock him (specifically with the first sign in today's "comic") is just dickish.

I encourage Tinshley to keep it up; he's killing his career and it can't come too sonn.

Kip W said...

Mallard's sign: WILL HATE FOR FOOD.

Funny thing about Ayn Rand. When the cigarette smoking she clung to in the face of commie government evidence of health risk made her good and sick, she chucked her self-reliant principles and checked into the hospital under her married name to suckle off of Uncle Sam's protective teats.

Tog said...

Rand demanded her inner circle take up smoking as a celebration of "man's victory over fire." And being a self-proclaimed advocate for "free thinking," she brooked absolutely no dissent.

I would suggest that Rand's entire "philosophy" was developed as a cover for her nic-fits.