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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

That damned Blame

What's Mallard raving about today?

Muslims, Sarah Palin.

Of all the things about the response to this tragedy that makes me crazy, it's the Right Wing Straw Man that they are being "blamed" (the poor little victims).

In point of fact, you lackwit, what rational people are saying is that super-heated eliminationist rhetoric, especially the kind that plays to paranoia about a government that is "coming to get you/your children/your grandparents/your guns," can contribute to crazy people doing crazy things. And while you may not be to blame, why would you want to contribute?

Put another way, I'm sure Mallard and his Right Wing puppet masters would have no compunction about muzzling radical Muslim Clerics preaching about America as the Great Satan, on the grounds that it fosters terrorism.


Tog said...

Can't wait for tomorrow's strip. Will Batshit, seeking Pat Buchanan's approval, misuse "blood libel" too?

...You know, without realizing for an instant that the act of spreading vicious lies in order to provoke violence against someone is exactly what we're talking about (and the wrong wing otherwise denies)?

(cross reference: Glenn Beck and Francis Fox Piven)

"Will no one rid me of this meddlesome priest?"

ajm said...

Bruce Tinsley wouldn't have lasted five minutes in a typical J-school -- or 30 seconds in an actual, honest-to-God newsroom -- populated by flesh-and-blood reporters, not convenient strawmen.

dlauthor said...

A bunch of people have been killed, including a child! Should I be introspective, or just put on a victim complex and hate on brown people? Hmmmm. Maybe this bottle of Everclear holds the answers!

WV: defiate v.i. to attempt to be defiant, but really just poop onself. See Tinshley, Bruce.

Anonymous said...

If the right didn't have Muslims and the left didn't have Sarah Palin, perhaps they'd both have to stop and actually think through an issue. Nawww, sorry, it's always the other guy who's unreasonable, right?
(Now let's see the moderate and thoughtful responses this comment will generate.)

deepbeep said...

In light of a tragedy, it's important to remember the real victims: bigots and Sarah Palin.

Anonymous: Trolling doesn't work if you say that you're trolling. Jeez.

Anonymous said...

"Leave the leader of the Republican party ALOOOOOOOOOOOOOONE!"

rewinn said...

Dear Anonymous Coward 9:45: you're complaining that elite leftists don't spend enough time thinking issues through?

Sorry, but you're just lying. When lefties act all rational and thoughtful, the right mocks them for being educated, smart elitests who wear glasses and a ponytale. When we mock the rightwing using their own tactics, the false equilvalencers like you start crying.

That's about all the analysis your comments deserves.

A lot of "lefties" have made simple, nuanced analyses, such as the role played by 30-bullet clips and a for-profit mental health system. And only an idiot would think that a political movement that shrieks about 2nd-Amendment-Remedies and the virtue of the gun has no impact on people who are even crazier than they are. I'm sorry that the rightwing thinks it's all about THEM but I'm not surprised.

Kip W said...

Let's be moderate and thoughtful here. The blame for this tragedy must be shouldered equally by Sarah Palin and All Muslims.

Well, that's settled, then! Let's get back to easing the financial burdens of the fabulously wealthy.

Frank Stone said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Frank Stone said...

What's a "journaiism school"?

Also, what's "mass—violence"?

Oh, and Sarah Palin still doesn't know or care who you are, Brucie. Sorry.

DiR said...

Wow. Holy shit, this fucker can't spill a glass of milk without it being in the middle of a cow plague.

If we didn't have Sarah Palin? We'd have to settle one of the dozens of other batshit insane hate spewers that march the drums of the Far Right in this country.

Toots McGee said...

Today's (1/26) is more sickening than yesterday's.

CW in LA said...

For 1/26:

"When conservatives get shot"?

Like when, dipshit?

VW: culti - The qualiti of the wingnut outlook.

dlauthor said...

For 1/26, the Conservative Mindset:

"When conservatives get shot (in the fantasyland that exists in my head), lock the brown people up without trial and suspend habeas corpus.

"When liberals get shot, snicker and blarrhaaar about the commie fags filled with bullets, then cry like colicky babies if anyone mentions our incendiary rhetoric in conjunction with it!"

Tog said...

Re 1/26: Everything's black and white for Batshit, even freakin' rainbows. Gun control has been fired up like never before since the shooting, but Batshit ignores that, simply because screaming knuckledraggers like Palin and Beck have been accurately accused of helping provoke the shooting with their eliminationist rhetoric, and that's got his nuts in a knot.

Again, teabaggers: Something like this was predicted MONTHS AGO. Bill Clinton asked you all to lighten up. You SHAT YOUR PANTS and DOUBLED DOWN. This is what you WANTED. Wrong-wingers claim "so-called moderate" Muslims (the ones Batshit recently pretended don't exist) aren't doing enough to combat their own nutjobs--even though they've turned some in to the FBI--yet the same wrong-wingers think they bear no responsibility for their own gun-totin' crackpots.

Frances Fox Piven is getting regular death threats now because of Glenn Beck's weird, unfathomable campaign to slander her. Threats even appear in the forums of Beck's site. Is Beck helping authorities investigate those threats? Doubt it. But his campaign to demonize her isn't slowing down one bit.

Faster, Harder, More Challenging GeoX said...

Yeah, go fuck yourself, Tinsley. Interesting how, in spite of BOTH SIDES DO IT!!!11 it's only liberals who actually get, you know, shot.