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Sunday, January 02, 2011

What's Mallard raving about today?

New Year.

Hey, Baby New Year is a Republican.


Tog said...

(I'm really curious as to why my comments vanish on occasion... Well, let's try this again.)

Please note: this one-panel piss-off, devoid of effort or detail, is a Sunday strip. And the "joke" is about performance? Woooo...(.)

Golly gee, Batshit! I thought you'd be all whooped up and ready to overthrow Teh Gubbermint thanks to the Teabagger Tidal Wave O'Triumph! And all excited for another year of Michele Bachmann bringing the crazy and the Party of NO doing its utter damnedest to stymie any progress by Obama, regardless to the consequences to American citizens suffering here and abroad.

What's the matter? Do New Year's strips depress you because all the "don't drink and drive" PSAs on TV remind you that you're a gutter hypocrite?

Bill the Splut said...

"I don't feel under any pressure to perform."


Kip W said...

I hate it when Tinsley draws himself into the strip as a creepy, naked progeriatric baby wearing a hat.

rewinn said...

As Tog said, if it's Sunday, it's time for a lazily drawn one-panel.

Which makes the caption unintentionally funny, almost as if Tinshley wrote down the philosophy of his entire "comic".

(P.S. Day 2 of Mallard Fillmore's Year of Negative Emotions. )

rewinn said...

Meanwhile, a genuinely creative look at the end of the year (featuring 2010 as an old guy in a convertible persued by Death)

Rootbeer said...

Bruce got paid for the work he pooped out in 2010, so why should he change anything in 2011?

Anonymous said...

Oh, man...more unwittingly revealing utterances...does Mrs. Tinsley (or whoever) pressure? him to perform?

Like, um IN THE SACK?!

Ha! How about improving "performance" as a decent (or even coherent) funny-paper content provider?