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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Those Damned Liberals

What's Mallard raving about today?

Teabaggers, Liberals.

Keep people so agitated that they shoot more Liberals between now and the next election and you may just be right.

But it still doesn't make you right...or smart.


Factinista said...

So how to the teabaggers propose to do this each November when there's no federal elections this year?

deepbeep said...

If someone thinks you're dumb, the proper retort is not, "we keep breeding!!"

Tog said...

Pretty certain Batshit reads D&C now.

We've been mocking him about not drawing his angry mob, leaving them off-panel when he can't use his "confused little old lady," and now he's got a happy, nonthreatening-but-confident moblet of heads--more trouble than he usually goes to, but not TOO much effort. I'm pretty sure no one else gives that much of a crap about MF, so he's got to be hanging around here.


Yeah, that was a real Teabagger Tidal Wave O'Triumph, Batshit. I mean, it wasn't quite the same asskicking the GOP took two years ago, but yeah, very impressive indeed for a GOP puppet group.

Let's see what changes in the next two.

(EACH November? Gee, why do liberals think you're dumb, Bats? Maybe it's because you don't have the first clue about anything?)

DiR said...

Are elections held every November?
Pro Tip: no.
Can't imagine why people think you're dumb, champ.

Hey, how many 'Tea Party' candidates won their elections? 4? 5? Maybe 10? Not really a landslide shift in power, there. I'm just saying, if you're going to claim to have taken back the country, you might want to, ya know... do it, first.

On the plus side, once you guys are back in power, you can go back to the 'deficits don't matter' mantra, while Republicans spend more and expand government more.
Ahhh, sweet sweet status quo.

James Murton said...

That's a pretty ethnically diverse crowd Tinsley's drawn there. Obviously since there are black and Asian conservatives, we could say this, at least, is correct. Correct about politics, in a sense. One might even say 'politically correct'. But shush, don't tell Tinsley, unless you want an empty whiskey bottle upside the head.

(Seriously, it's three people representing conservatives across America and he chose to make two of them non-white, which is usually the exact sort of thing he'd crucify anyone else for. I wouldn't even bring it up but it's so at odds with the strip's usual 'Tut, political correctness' M.O. it seemed hard to pass up on.)

dlauthor said...

This comic would work better if there were a second panel with Loughner's bugfuck-insane mugshot on it. Then the ominousness wouldn't be just weird subtext.

Also, Tinshley forgets (conveniently) that it was the same anti-incumbent mindset that swept his crew of miscreants and misanthropes from power in 2006 and 2008. Pendulum'll swing back before he has a chance to look up "misanthrope" in his dictionary (or even find it under all the empties). And we won't even need to blort about shooting people (or actually shoot them) to do it.

Rootbeer said...

Being that the Tea Party doesn't exist as party per se, but rather a caucus almost entirely within the Republican Party, it's a little difficult to say how successful the movement was in November.

But let's say that the elections brought membership in Rep. Bachman's "Tea Party Caucus" up from about 50 members last July to about 60 members now. That's only one-fourth of the Republican majority taken as a whole.

If they think they'll have any real influence on the House agenda, they've got another think coming.

word veri: preck. What Mallard Fellmore is.

Kip W said...

Pretty clever of Tinsley. In one drawing, he shows the entire black, Asian, and non-scooterbound membership of the teabaggers.

Faster, Harder, More Challenging GeoX said...

"The liberals think we're dumb, but there sure are a lot of us!" A compelling argument, for sure. It's also hilarious how the people the "taxed enough already" people voted for have already made it abundantly clear that they only actually care about tax cuts for the super-wealthy--and yet, they'll keep voting for them. That would be because "the liberals" are entirely correct in their assessment of teabagger intellect.

Faster, Harder, More Challenging GeoX said...

Can I also point out that this trope--"you think you're so smart, but we KICKED YOUR ASSES" is just the classic line of thinking of insecure bullies everywhere? Really demonstrates the malignant mindset of people like Tinsley.

rewinn said...

On the evidence, everyone depicted in that cartoon got a tax cut last year but thinks it was a tax increase.

So are they dumb?

Kaitlyn said...

"there's more of us where we came from"? I didn't think poetry could be lethal until today.

Also, the blather from Palin today makes me wish he'd go back to fruitcake. Oh what a wonderful time...

Chyron HR said...

Why must this site persist in its heinous BLOOD LIBEL against Mallard Fillmore?

Kip W said...

"You think we're stupid, but we have lawn flamingos!"
"You think we're stupid, but we have toaster green plunger captain!"
"You think we're stupid, but we're just crazy!"

Tog said...

ClearChannel pulled a billboard advertising Rush Limbaugh as a "straight shooter." (Ironically, the ad's imagery is a flock of scattershot bullet holes.) Naturally, they're crying, insisting that all the bang-bangs don't mean anything, but now they're victims because liberals want them to act like grown-ups.

Waaaaaambulances have been dispatched to the scene.