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Thursday, January 06, 2011

That damned Compromise

What's Mallard raving about today?

President Obama

What's sort of funny, in a desperately unfunny way, is that Republican opponents grossly characterize President Obama as an intransigent tyrant who is reshaping the United States into some sort of Socialist state. Democratic opponents, by contrast, grossly characterize President Obama as a spineless who negotiates with himself and us largely unwilling to fight for anything.

Neither is true, of course. But as is usually the case, at least the Democratic characterization is not totally unhinged from reality and instead moored to Fox Reality.


rewinn said...

While the political content of today's "comic" is just stupid (...Obama named a banker to head his staff, so he MUST be a Communist!) the writing is so bad that I'm coming to suspect Brewskky Tinshley is working for the DLC.

For example, the "poem" would have worked better with just a little editting, e.g.:

"... my 'triangulation'
May fool half the nation..."

... is shorter, crisper, funnier.

Kip W said...

I'm not sure he's even compromised once so far. He puts every single liberal point off the table before anybody even shows up to debate with him. I'm beginning to think these "compromises" are just what he actually wants.

But of course, he's a wild-eyed hippie anarchist. Booga! Booga! He's almost as liberal as Nixon! BOOOGAAAH!

deepbeep said...

Does Obama have two mouths?!

So Obama compromises throughout his entire presidency, appearing to be a pragmatic centrist... but we really know what he's like on the inside! There's just as much evidence to claim that Obama is secretly a neo-Assyrian distributist anarchist*.

* I was going to type "fascist" for reductio ad absurdum, but remembered that people actually believe that. Oops!

Bill the Splut said...

Bruce Awakens at Noon on the Floor and Begins His Creative Process: A Poem

What time on watch?!
Forgot joke, byotch?
Bruce pants show splotch?

(repeat at noon tomorrow)

WV: diout, what I wish Bruce's poetry would do

Rootbeer said...

Three lips.

President Obama has three lips.

Or a Robert Goulet mustache. It's difficult to determine the artist's intent.

DiR said...

Funny story: I clicked the linked today, and said to myself, "Huh, why is this still Tuesday's Strip? There's no 'next' button, did SPI stop carrying Mallard Fillmoore?"

Republicans would never alter their public stances to win elections, right Ducky? Right?

Being terrified of Obama for being this outrageous far-left communist reminds me of people who hate Halloween for being Satan's holiday. I can't remember the comedian who said it, but to paraphrase: "So the Prince of All Evil has a special day set aside for 8 year-olds to dress up as Power Rangers and ask for fun sized Kit-Kat bars? What a lame-ass devil you fear."

Kaitlyn said...

How was I supposed to read this? Left to right and then down, or up and down and then to the right?

I assume I read it wrong because it must make sense somewhere.

Maybe right to left?

Kip W said...

Kaitlyn, since it's Mallard try reading from right to extreme right.