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Monday, January 03, 2011

Those damned Fans

What's Mallard raving about today?

Reality TV.

Which of the following is more hypocritical on the part of Mallard Fillmore?

  1. Writing something like this when Mallard feels that "average, hardworking Americans need a break instead of a lecture".
  2. Arguing against the Free Market when it comes to TV he purportedly doesn't like.
  3. Criticizing people for their TV habits when he seems to spend at least 50% of his daily strips plopped in front of the TV.
  4. Pretending this is not actually expressing a deep-seated self-loathing regarding his own guilty TV pleasures.


ianmorris said...

5. All of the above

Faster, Harder, More Challenging GeoX said...

It's a big ol' salmagundi of "all of the above," but it really does strike me that, in all seriousness, Tinsley must be an unbelievable psychological wreck, to have his character constantly excoriating what he himself is doing ALL THE TIME. Doesn't make me sympathize with him or anything, but the man clearly has Problems.

DiR said...

Link appears to be borked.

This isn't any fun if you don't try, Ducks.

Also, books are over-rated. Seriously. Stop lionizing the past, simply because the present is different.

Tog said...

Is... Is that supposed to be a poem? Wow. Batshit couldn't torture the English language worse if he waterboarded it and pulled its fingernails out. (Also, it's either "A reality-show fan's" or "Reality-show fans'." How about learning a little something yourself, Batshit?)

Say, isn't that his innocent, mystified little old teabagger-lady character? ...Now depicted as some ignorant swine, because she's doing exactly what Mallard's been doing for what seems like half of 2010? (She even has her feet up, the lump of furniture, and box of crap--though Batshit thankfully spares us the crotch-splay.)

A gold star for Batshit! He drew Mallard smiling without the unmistakable air of Smug Prick about him. (Batshit himself, however, steadfastly maintains his own such air.)

I hope Batshit realizes his description of a reality-show fan's complete ignorance of everything has been demonstrated to apply more to the average FOX Propaganda viewer than anyone. (But I won't hold my breath.)

ajm said...
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ajm said...

Mallard Fillmore mocks the uneducated, yet invariably portrays schoolteachers -- who, y'know, might actually EDUCATE people -- as grotesques who make everybody's lives miserable, and college students/graduates as insufferable know-it-alls...

dlauthor said...

Drinky didn't spell "O'Reilly Factor" correctly in the last panel.

Note: we live in a universe where Pete Postlethwaite dies of cancer, but Bruce Tinshley continues to draw breath. If I believed in God, I'd be convinced he was a prick.

Kip W said...

Yes, indeed. We love the common man, provided he keeps his distance from us and doesn't try to talk to us or make eye contact with us.

Also, somebody needs to tell Tin Eye about scansion and emphasis. If the last syllable of a line ("for") isn't the one that naturally receives the emphasis, then the last two syllables need to be considered in making a proper feminine rhyme... ah, I'm starting to see the problem.

ajm said...

And no wonder she wouldn't know about "books," given that Mallard's policies have shut down public libraries across the country.

Tinsley: Sociopath said...

Tinsley does not understand any of those subjects, or any other subjects. He thinks Dr. Seuss-whom he has heard on tape, not read--is the epitome of literature. He spends all day watching "reality" shows, and laughing when the contestants suffer. His grasp of scheme, and scansion proves that he is illiterate.

deepbeep said...

This from a duck who is never shown reading books except for the Bible on holidays, and constantly complains about the TV shows he's watching. And from a comic in which 100% of school teachers are depicted as evil.

So I gather that we're supposed to learn those subjects from FOX News and the Bible?

rewinn said...

Mallard Fillmore comics in 2011:
3 so far

Mallard Fillmore comics in 2011 expressing a joyless, negative life:
3 so far

Bill the Splut said...

I predict that Dullard Failmore will continue to teabag duck balls for all of 2011.

There is absolutely no chance that I will be proven wrong, not even once out of 365 times.

ajm said...

Lemme get this straight -- today's cartoon text was intended as a poem?

WV: ressesse. How Tinsley spells the only subject in school he didn't flunk.

Kaitlyn said...

But isn't reading elitist?

I do like that he didn't use a young kid, because that would be a cliche. She should be saying that about her grandkid.

Or he's an idiot.

Faster, Harder, More Challenging GeoX said...

He thinks Dr. Seuss-whom he has heard on tape, not read--is the epitome of literature.

Dr. Seuss was pro-environment (The Lorax) and anti-war (The Butter Battle Book)--not really Tinsley's thing. I guess the racist caricatures in the World War II propaganda he did might meet with Tinsley's approval, but then he went and got all anti-racist with The Sneetches. Whateryagonnado?

deepbeep said...

He thinks Dr. Seuss-whom he has heard on tape, not read--is the epitome of literature.

Don't diss audiobooks, now. For some of us, it's our preferred mode of learning!

Paid the price when I read Breakfast of Champions, though -- I didn't realize it had pictures in it until months later!

wv: fight