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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Those damned Guns

What's Mallard raving about today?

Liberals, Guns.

When there's an incidence of violence against a Conservative, I'll remember that.


CW in LA said...

Well, there were those times Anita Bryant and Pat Buchanan got hit in the face with pies. That proves out of control deadly violence on the part of the left, doesn't it?

DiR said...

Don't forget that Letterman made a joke about Palin's daughter, so there's that.
And Bill Maher can be really snarky sometimes.

Tog said...

Ronald Reagan got shot by a guy wanting to impress Jodie Foster, and the GOP had no end of proposed "solutions" to the "Hollywood problem"...because, you know, violent words and images make mentally-disturbed people do bad things!

Ann Coulter also got pied, fleeing her stage with a shriek in between bouts of calling for the executions of anyone and everyone to her left. I thought I'd NEVER stop laughing.

Kip W said...

When conservatives get shot, it usually means another conservative missed his target.

Anonymous said...

Several people are dead, including a child, and this is all the duck has to say?

Marion Diabolito said...

FWIW, the guy who shot Reagan and the guy who shot John Lennon both were trained in "security" by WorldVision, which is a far-right Christianist charity*. In fact, Hinckley Sr. was president of their board at the time and the shooter's brother was supposed to be having dinner with Neil "Silverado" Bush. Just sayin'.

*For instance, a National Catholic Reporter story in 1982 charged that World Vision gave names and descriptions of refugees to El Salvador security forces to assist the death squads in targeting victims.

rewinn said...

Today's "comic" might make some sort of sense if no-one responded to the Tucson killings with calls to limit guns. But the same drunk cartoonist who drew this will also complain about calls to limit 30-bullet magazines and so on.

It also might make some sense if the Tucson victims didn't span the political range, from a liberal to a conservative judge.

But, mostly, Bruce Tinsley's response has been vile and disrespectful to the dead. Real conservatives would have done at least a token effort to pay respects to the dead before launching into a tirade. What we have here is just a drunken hack.

Bill the Splut said...

When brown people kill, right wingers shit their diapers. When a right winger kills somebody, they make excuses for him.