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Saturday, January 15, 2011

That damned Mars

What's Mallard raving about today?

Global Warming.

Mallard Fillmore: Though I have no understanding of science whatever, the fact that I am a useful idiot for corporate interests (who, incidentally, do not have my best interests at heart) gives me the chutzpah to comment on science.


Tog said...

The gobbing fool who insists that the Laffer Curve works (the last decade or so notwithstanding) now lectures us on the Law of Universal Causality: similar events in two different locations MUST have the same cause.

For example, your asshole and a volcano are the same thing, because an ice cube will melt in either one.

It's nice to know that while the rest of the world changes, Batshit remains steadfast in his defense of smog. (I remember, though, when Batshit and the rest of the wrong wing "knew" that climate change didn't even exist.)

Frank Stone said...

Oh, my dear god -- I just realized what the poetry is all about: Bruce Tinsley is trying to establish himself as the conservative Calvin Trillin.

Heaven help us. Heaven help us all.

DiR said...

Wait, who found global warming on Mars?
Elitist scientists telling you what's what, with their fancy telescopes and doctorates from ivy league schools?
Hmmmm... Funny how those shifty know-it-alls are suddenly cool when they say things you WANT to hear.

Kip W said...

Damn those elite scientists, always havin' to be right and stuff!

Steve-O said...

Wow, they've moved on from "It's cold outside therefore global warming doesn't exist, derp, derp, derp!" to "There's global warming on Mars!!!!1!!1!! therefore OUR global warming is not caused by man!"

These people are fucking idiots.

rewinn said...

A nation that disdains its scientists as "elite" is headed for big, big trouble.

Pro Tip: you WANT your scientists to be the very very very very very best you can find. It's sort of like football, where you want "elite" quarterbacks and really, really elitely big defenders.

I'm o.k. with laughing off the Know-Nothings' misunderstanding of "global warming on Mars" (hint: everything with an atmosphere has some heat retention thereby: that's why the surface of Venus is hotter than the surface of Mercury) but their consistent attacks on science are a danger to our nation.

Faster, Harder, More Challenging GeoX said...

I just love the argument here: global warming isn't our fault; therefore, we shouldn't bother to try to do anything about it. Great logic, Tinsley, you howling cretin.

Dave Miller said...

Anyone have a link to the National Geographic article? Seems to me that an analysis of the Mars ice caps over time would provide interesting proof of or would disprove a solar component to the current "warm trend."


Beef Wellington said...

@ Dave

A simple search yeilds this

First Sentence in bold no less:

"Is It Happening?

Yes. Earth is already showing many signs of worldwide climate change."

It also says in very plain english we are largly responsible.

Proving the obivous, Mallard is both a liar and a moron.

Beef Wellington said...

@ myself, code went wacky

Cick here

exanonymous said...

It might be too much science for Mallard, but:

We don't live on Mars, and Mars is not Earth

The rule of the universe such is that heavenly bodies are so unique that when one studies any given type of phenomenum, there is a huge debate over which object should be the base standard and takes decades and dozens of scientists to resolve.

And the idea that we could use Mars to definatively determine something on Earth is well, pretty f***ing hilarious.

Rootbeer said...

How are we supposed to know this guy represents ivory-tower elitism if he's not wearing a gown and mortarboard?

I mean, normally, "dumpy, balding, hook-nosed wicked Jew" is shorthand for "banker". If the artist is going to play with the conventions of racist cartooning like that, he needs to convey his intent to the reader more clearly.

Anonymous said...

Makes as much sense as the Mallard strip where the dinosaur was worrying about causing the ozone hole. Or did he mean global warming? That one was wrong in so many ways, the stupidity was actually funny.

Allen M said...

To demonstrate that "Evil Sun" is causing global warming, you'd have to show that the amount of energy coming from the sun (the irradiance) is increasing INDEPENDENT of whatever is happening on Mars and Earth; otherwise, it could be that the two planets are warming for reasons peculiar to themselves (which is what the mainstream scientific opinion actually is). Such measurements have been made by satellites, and don't show the trends in solar energy output that would be required to blame it on the Sun. I'm afraid it IS people, whatever Mallard/Tinsley might think.