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Monday, January 17, 2011

Those damned Resolutions

What's Mallard raving about today?

New Year's Resolutions.

"Set your sights low."

Perhaps the most accurate description of Mallard's career ever in print.


Factinista said...

5. Copy-paste the same two drawings of a duck for the next 365 days.

James Murton said...

Well, at least he's done with the poetry. But he's still carrying on with New Year resolutions, past the sort of time that, according to most other strips would have published two weeks ago, most people have already broken theirs. I can see this running until June.

Tog said...


...No, wait. It's always been falling into the toilet.

dlauthor said...

Fair disclosure: I find the notion of a new year's resolution of "walk over there" to be humorous. If it had come from a less whiskey-and-bile-soaked source, I probably would have chuckled.

That said, IT IS JANUARY THE 17TH. ENOUGH WITH THE NEW YEAR'S JOKES ALREADY. At this rate, we'll still be reading "Mallentines" on Memorial Day.

Anyone think he went overboard with the resolutions crap this year because he couldn't face the fact that Obama's on the rebound, and only bathtub gin and bad scansion can salve the pain?

Rootbeer said...

Best Mallard strip in a long time, due to its apolitical content and utter lack of ambition.

Now this is the kind of comfortable mediocrity people expect on the comics page. One could just as easily imagine this joke coming from Marvin, or Fred Basset, or Broom Hilda.

Three stars.

Kip W said...

What, exactly, does he floss, anyway?

Frank Stone said...

Since his list of "New Year's resolutions" makes no sense as such, we're left with two possibilities:

(A) Mallard has spent the last year not doing those things.
(B) Mallard doesn't know what a New Year's resolution is.

Since we already know he spends about 90 percent of his waking hours (more like 99 since he was fired) sprawled on his fat feathered ass religiously adhering to item 1, I'm going with (B).

CW in LA said...

Hmm, he listed "Watch TV" but not "Keep exposing crotch". Any hope Chantel finally bought his a friggin' blanket or some such?

Ducky is Right said...

At what point can Eeyore sue Mallard for copy write infringement?
Or defamation of character?

Oh, god, I forgot about Mallentines. ><
Must remember to petition the AMA to get 'reading Mallard Fillmore recreationally" as a symptom of depression/self-mutilation.