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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Those damned Presbyterians

What's Mallard raving about today?

Presbyterians, Nigerians (and pretty much anyone not white)

It's amazing how often I get to say this on this blog, but, once again: Nice timing.

Interesting also is how White Americans who commit acts of terror are always lone nutjobs whose politics and religion have nothing to do with their acts of madness.

Not true of Nigerians, Saudis, Afghans, or Syrians...wonder what's behind that?


ianmorris said...

bad timing on mallard's part considering the events in AZ

DiR said...

Mallard has been informed by Fox News that the "MSM" (which is a nonsense phrase in and of its own right. See also: Reverse Racism) doesn't believe that there are terrorists in Muslim countries. More White Male Persecution Complex.

Also, Paula Nancy Millstone Jennings: you are ON NOTICE!

deepbeep said...

Bruce Tinsley is watching his TV right now, insisting that the REAL perps might be rogue Nigerians...

CW in LA said...

Hope you're feeling better, DaveyK.

And I'd say I hope the Tinsh is feeling like a first-class schmuck, but I'm sure even as we speak he's doing his 90 hours of research to determine whether pass Loughner off as a secret Kenyan librul Muslim, or simply pretend it never happened.

Tog said...

(two-part rant follows)

I don't know if Ann Coulter's blasted off her own yip-yap yet, but wrong-wing pundits in TV and print across the nation immediately played First Amendment Martyr again, decrying the "liberals' exploitation of this tragedy," which, like 9-11 and the Iraq quagmire, "no one could have predicted" (except for all those liberals, who did).

The teabaggers announced they intend to only ramp up the violent rhetoric. And speaking up nutjobs, Rev. Phelps jumped in with his usual raving-mad crap.

Sarah Palin's website quickly removed all the gunsight crosshairs on display, then her spokespeople claimed they were just "surveyor's marks" so they didn't mean anything anyway.

Before Blogger shut her slag ass down (you might still find the last page in Google's cache), hate-filled comedian/author/failure Andrea J. Rouda, on her blog "Roto-Rouda" (I shit you not), said of Keith Olbermann: "Please, won't somebody stop him?" ...And wondered aloud, "how come nobody ever took a shot at Pelosi?"

None of this surprises me. Rouda's rant merely confirms that eliminationist scum know exactly what they're doing: dehumanize the enemy, beg for someone to "rise up" and eliminate them, then pretend they had nothing to do with it when a crazy person acts on their words. The plagiaristic similarity of the pundits' protests nationwide just confirms that the GOP's spin network is working the story, sending everyone the same talking points.

Faster, Harder, More Challenging GeoX said...

Oh, Tinsley...what would the world be like without your ravings? Oh yeah, that's right: a better place.

Part Two said...

(part two)

The REAL disappointment is Jon Stewart, whose desire to be "the voice of reason(ableness)" has finally crossed into Tucker-grade dumbassery.

Screw him. I remember the monstrous "Nuremberg Files" website, which posted the personal information of doctors--including the routes their children took to and from school--in order to intimidate them. I remember who fought them, and who defended them, and I see how little has changed except to become worse.

(Heh. My second part keeps disappearing. That's okay, I can copypaste it off Wordpad allllll night.)

Frank Stone said...

Still with the literary pretensions, Brucie? Really? Listen, I'm all for artists experimenting in order to grow, but you plainly have no interest in artistic growth; in fact, between the teeth-grindingly bad verse and your usual shitty scribbling, it's clearer than ever that you're perfectly content to keep existing in your bottomless pit of mediocrity, grouchiness, bigotry, and hate. I genuinely pity you.

Neo Tuxedo said...

DiR skrev:

Also, Paula Nancy Millstone Jennings: you are ON NOTICE!

How is this comment not already the new "Better Comments Than Mine"?

WV: supbo; what Tinshley calls the NFL's championship game after 90 hours of research.

rewinn said...

Funny thing: we didn't invade Saudi Arabia, where most of the 9/11 terrorists came from.