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Sunday, January 09, 2011

That damned BCS

What's Mallard raving about today?

The BCS.

We interrupt your usual whinging for Mallard's annual whinge about the BCS.

We''l be back to our usual whinging momentarily.


Kip W said...

How refreshing! A strip about a subject I would never in a million years give a flying shit about.

And that's real apathy, not just the kind you find yourself sinking into after reading one or two Mallard strips.

Tinsley: Sociopath said...

Tinsley, being a failure at everything, and the stupidest man in the world--drug addicts who overdose on Belladonna are much farther to the right of the Bell Curve than him--hates anyone who excels at anything. He hates doctors, schoolteachers, authors, painters, game programmers, politicians, philosophers, scientists, mathematicians, and, as seen today, statisticians because excellence in those fields requires intelligence, and care. His sixth grade failure did not prepare for any task beyond incomprehensible ranting about ideas that are the opposite of everything that is true, and not unspeakably horrifying in the world.

Note that he has portrayed intellectuals as cavemen because his view of the world is so fucked up, he believes competence, and intelligence are, inherently, regressive. Tinsley is saying, "anyone who contributes to society is trying to kill us," and I wish that was a joke. Please, everyone, bring the outrage counter to the quadruple digits, because this comic deserves it.

Word Verification: Sinee. E is a scientific notation meaning 2.71828183, and the sine of e is 0.0474251722164. Tinsley's IQ is the sine of e.

Kaitlyn said...

I like watching football. I enjoy the spectacle of the bowl games.

I still don't care.

And maybe his favorite team just sucks. If they got to the bowls every year, he wouldn't care.

I don't care, I just like watching it. He doesn't like anything.

deepbeep said...

The bowl system was implemented to maximize profit. I thought greed was good! Are you against capitalism, Tinsley??

Also, this caveman league seems to lack parity.

wv: typerleg: when restless leg syndrome happens next to a keyborad

rewinn said...

Maybe I should just number there:

#1. Another "comic" expressing sadness, outrage and/or negative feelings. Truly it's a dreadful world conservatives live in.

#2. Single-panel, lazily-drawn Sunday strip, making no use of the additional creative possiblities of the large Sunday format. Clearly, "Mallard Fillmore" is not published for its quality, but merely to fill a marketing hole.

3. Badly editted text spoils the joke (such as it is) with too many words.

(Today's "comic" in particular could have been made into a pretty funny multi-panel strip by dropping the 1st clause and drawing a progressive reveal of the wussy speaker ... as he steps through the remaining text, the camera pulls back to show the reason he's speaking, which is the disparity between himself and his gigantic opponent as to size and attitude. But crafting such an effort would take both understanding of humor which the reichwing lacks, and willingness to work which reichwing cartoonists uniformly lack)

DR.BGOODE said...

What the hell is "Whinging?"

Faster, Harder, More Challenging GeoX said...

Kip W said...

Tuesday. I don't fear dark-skinned foreigners enough. Who do I go apologize to? Michelle Malkin?

(And whatever you do, pay no attention to a few isolated incidents.)

CW in LA said...

Has DaveyK finally lost the will to deal with this swill?

(See, that rhymes, so I'm a poet, just like the Tinsh.)

Anyway, can we finally start profiling disaffected white gun nuts, especially if their damn heads are shaved?

dlauthor said...

Re 1/11: You know, when the Tucson shooting happened, I knew it was a matter of days before Wrong-Way Tinshley inadvertently put out a "melanin causes terrorism/white folk don't do bad things" strip. Dude's like Nostradamus, only with a liver like a glazed ham.

Marion Delgado said...

The BCS are big screw-ups. They got the wrong #1, they got the point spread wrong (they said 2-3 points) .. who listens to them, anymore? It's clear Boise was, yet again, the best team in the country. I believe President McCain agrees with me!