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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Those damned Youth

What's Mallard raving about today?

Kids, Government employees.

Kids today! And Government employees, amiright?

Wait, what does the fact that I'm unemployable have to do with anything? Look at those kids and those Government employees! The fact that I have no skills is not worth commenting on. Seriously, look at them, not me!

By the way, and apropos of nothing: Keith Olbermann was dropped from MSNBC...that damned Liberal media!


Tog said...

Hey, looks like Mallard's finally looking for work!

...Ironically, on the same day Olbermann's own job ends. I expected that--unlike Batshit, Olbermann actually spoke truth to power, especially when he lambasted his own bosses ON THE AIR following their ridiculous failed attempt to stifle him.

'Bye, MSNBC. There's only room for one FOX Propaganda, and you just dropped the pretense.

Ever the sniveling coward, Batshit has Mallard go for the "some people say" approach: Some people say American youth are lethargic, unprepared, and undereducated! Not me! Some people!

...Actually, I'd agree with those last two, Batshit; they ARE unprepared and undereducated. Shall we discuss who's responsible for the wreckage of education and the job market--or would you like to play the "let's not assign blame right now" game?

Factinista said...

It's good to know that one day, years from now, Tinsley will become completely dependent on the younger generations he despises so much.

Steve-O said...

So the people down at the employment agency are lethargic, unprepared, and undereducated? Really, THAT'S the statement Tinsley wants to make with his national forum? I truly wish that Bruce "total waste of oxygen and toilet paper" Tinsley really was out of work. Maybe then he'd have a little more fucking respect for hard-working people trying to do their jobs.

DiR said...

AHAHAHAHA!! Oh my god, how does he stay so fresh and on top of current events like that?!?!

Kip W said...

There should be an asterisk after any of Mallard's prognostications. Not an asterisk that leads to an unreadable and unresponsive source, but one which actually shows where he gets them all: a graphic representation of an anus.

Frank Stone said...

Anyone want to lay odds that three weeks from now, Mallard will be gloating over the end of Countdown -- and willfully getting the story wrong, as usual?

(As to Olbermann's departure, it doesn't look like he was "dropped", per se; more like he wanted to leave MSNBC and they wanted to let him leave.)

CW in LA said...

Okay, the Tinsh hates Baby Boomers (even though from the year he was born he evidently is one). And he hates younger people.

Gosh, people just suck, huh Tinsh? Well, the Tinsh certainly does.

Steve-O said...

I was watching CNN last night and Anderson Cooper had the gall to bring on Eric Erickson of Redstate to get his reaction to the Olbermann departure. He had his full gloat on of course, gleefully laughing and showing absolutely no class.

Liberal media indeed.

Rootbeer said...

Any reader old enough to believe that kids today are too lazy and stupid to work is also old enough to have heard the joke that government workers are lazy and stupid already.

Anonymous said...

Lazy, unprepared, and uneducated...?

Wow, the Tinz really has no grasp of irony when he calls other people that, does he?

rewinn said...

Speaking of lethargic - Mallard Fillmore character descriptions refer to the 1990s as if they were still here, e.g. "Mallard's boss at WFDR. A "child of the '60s," Mr. Noseworthy is still adjusting to being a grownup of the '90s"

But I encourage Mallard to keep insulting the youth of today; they'll be running things in a while and reminding them that conservatives hate them is useful!

David in NYC said...

after a lot of dealing with the unemployment office and other government agencies lately...

I think I know....

They'll become cartoonists like me!

Obviously, I am using the term "cartoonist" in its loosest possible definition.

This from a "writer" who -- just to pick one topic -- uses a 4-dot ellipsis at the END of the strip (implying it goes on further), after using (correctly! OMG!!) a 3-dot ellipsis, after using something that I think is supposed to be an ellipsis, except it appears to be half in and half out of the quote, and follows a sentence-ending question mark. OTHER people don't have jobs because they are uneducated and/or generally stupid, but not our Mallard.

To be fair to the guy, Tinkley must have a REALLY big brain to hold all the cognitive dissonance.