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Monday, January 24, 2011

That damned Gun

What's Mallard raving about today?

President Obama, Liberals.

False equivalence on parade...

While I don't actually agree that quoting The Untouchables constitutes violent eliminationist rhetoric, such as that employed by the Right Wing, let's stipulate to this for the moment.

Mallard, when you can come up with a list like this, both in terms of the clear incitement to violence and in terms of the stature of the speakers (e.g., a random commenter on a blog doesn't count), we can talk about how both sides do it.

Until then: You are the only ones talking about "Second Amendment remedies" so don't try to pretend otherwise.


Tog said...

Thank you, DaveyK. Batshit hasn't yet matched Sarah Palin's pathetic self-absorbed myopia on this subject, but this strip is a huge step in that direction.

I'll say it again: way back when Bill Clinton asked the wrong wing punditry to "tone down the rhetoric"--you know, behave like grownups--they (Batshit included) went ballistic, played First Amendment Martyr (without any cause), and then promptly "doubled down" on said rhetoric in gleeful anticipation of the predicted results.

Now, in a facepalmer to end all facepalmers, Senator Mike Lee is claiming that toning down the rhetoric means "the shooter wins."

I think we all know what would spin all this around in an instant. I'm also fairly confident that if one of us was stupid enough to actually express it, an FBI agent would have his hand up his or her ass within the half-hour. Because that would be terrorism, not free speech. ...MERRIKA NUBBER WUN!!1

DiR said...

It's 'a double-edged' sword, Biff.


Lemme know when were start seeing "Conservative Hunting Licenss" and pictures of the Republican elephant with "Got Ammo?" merchandise.
Until then: go fuck yourself, Tins.

Frank Stone said...

I see you've got your Fox News talking points all lined up, Brucie. Good dog.

Anonymous said...

Not having seen a MF strip during all of the years that Bush was president, what the heck did he do all that time?

Anonymous said...

To pick a less obvious irritant in this execrable mess of a cartoon, isn't Obama every American's president?

Rootbeer said...

How did he write a comic about something that happened less than two weeks ago?

Listen. Mallard Fillmore has come unstuck in time.

deepbeep said...

Holy false equivalence, Batman!

Anonymous: During the Bush years Mallard primarily complained about liberals, and how they were hurting the country by not being enthusiastic enough about the war; and trashed hippies, children, teachers, etc. like he normally does. He drew more cartoons about Clinton than he did Bush, of which there were about 2, both near the end of his presidency and complaining he wasn't conservative enough. Once the war was exposed as a sham, he claimed he "has his doubts from the beginning," despite the fact that his cartoon was banging the drums of war along with the rest of the media.

Anonymous said...

Adding up the number of violent insults on both sides is pointless. Of course, Obama's (and the Republican's) comforting prattle about civility while relentlessly pursuing violence on a truly sickening, professional scale in Iraq and Afghanistan is the biggest hypocrisy of them all.

rewinn said...

Since there's no point in responding to the hypocritical idiocy that is Mallard, let me offer an actual "liberal" ad involving actual shooting: Body Armor by

Notice that unlike "2nd Amendment Remedies" Sharon Angle, it does not advocate treason or violence, but rather it is in support of our troops and demands MORE safety for Americans, not less. And it demands voting, not shooting. And it was darn effective.

David in NYC said...

Nice list, Davey. Depressing as hell, but nice research.

Here's a list of all those "isolated incidents" that the wingnuts love to prattle on about every time we have another Loughner incident. Notice how they are equally balanced, "both sides do it", events. (Yes, I am being sarcastic.)

When Tinkley or any of his fellow morons can come up with even ONE incident remotely similar and remotely linkable to left-wing rhetoric, I would suggest they just shut up. (Not going to happen, I know, but we can wish, can't we?)

Kip W said...

Thanks for the list, DaveyK! Here's another list from 2007, divided by types, of typical right-wing death-wish, violence-promoting they're-the-enemy rhetoric. I've used it. Even when trimmed down to active death and violence wishes by the most well-known bright lights of the right, it's a long damned list.

The Right pretty much knows they've been spotted. That's why you see so many pleas for equal treatment for both side. "Everybody does it." "Both sides are equally to blame." "It's just business as usual." Because if they can get that part down, they're 75% off the hook and can bicker over the other 25%. The arguments I seem to be in on political sites these days are from people who want me to say that the blame is precisely halfway between the two sides, which is nonsense.

Steve-O said...

Anyone who says "Both sides do it!" or "There's no hate like liberal hate" is either a complete idiot or a member of the Foxnews cult. (or in the case of these politician just disingenuious).

Bill the Splut said...

Bruce, thank you for this moving tribute to Americans murdered by a terrorist. Especially heartbreaking was your anguish over the killing of a 9 year old child.

Oh wait--you didn't do that. Fuck off and drink yourself to death, you heartless and inhuman freak of nature.

WV: wingran; what the Right Wing did when someone violently did exactly what they encourage them to do. Related: wingrunsback&doesitagain; what they'll go back to doing when they think the dust has settled enough.

Factinista said...

Man, even Palin gave the shooting victims some lip-service before playing the victim. If you're making her look good by comparison, something is very wrong.