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Sunday, December 26, 2010

That damned Information

What's Mallard raving about today?

2010, Elections.

In just a few short panels, Mallard further proves that Fox Viewers are the most misinformed people on the planet.


Faster, Harder, More Challenging GeoX said...

"Taxed and spent to death," eh? So that's why you voted for a party that's hellbent on shifting the tax burden away from billionaires and on to the middle and lower classes? In spite of the fact that, if anything, you payed LESS in taxes under Obama? Also, fiscal responsibility only became important when the black guy took over, for some mysterious reason. Okay, then. If the point Tinsley's trying to make is that that his beloved teabaggers are too stupid to breathe without explicit written instructions and racist as hell to boot, well, mission accomplished, I guess.

Tog said...

Five pictures of Penis-Chin Chet, each one almost exactly the same as the others. Scrawled text. Bravo.

Was it too much trouble to draw a group of angry teabaggers, Batshit? Or were you simply incapable of doing so without it coming out looking like a Klan lynching? Yeah, best to stick with the solitary, confused little old lady who can't figure out why everyone thinks she's lazy turd.

GeoX already debunked the "taxed and spent to death" horseshit, so I'll tackle the other Big Lie; while I'm certain teabaggers hate, hate, HATE Obamacare (just like their forerunners hated the Medicare they now love so much), a majority of Americans wanted health care reform, and their primary objection to Obamacare is that it doesn't go far enough.

As for "We got no jobs!," I'll say it again: we've had ten years of those "job-producing" Bush tax cuts for the extremely wealthy.
Where are the jobs, Batshit?
Where are the jobs?

dlauthor said...

It must be KILLING Tinshley that the narrative has already shifted back in favor of the darkie in the White House, and that it's a handful of Republicans like Brown, Murkowski, and the Maine Twins who helped make it possible! Happy Holidays, Bruce (not Merry Christmas, because you're no Christian)! Be sure to drink all that eggnog that's been sitting out since the 22nd, then go out and take a nap in the snow!

Bill the Splut said...

I hope he has an unlimited calling plan, because otherwise he'd be spending a fortune on all these strips he phones in.

Kip W said...

Yeah, where are the jobs? After we've shifted a fortune to employers who have more money in their sock than ever, why aren't they coming across? Where's the miracle of the unfettered free market?

And speaking of outsourcing (where the jobs are), could Tin Eye maybe consider letting some starving Malaysian kid draw his strip? Just as a favor to the readers?

Rootbeer said...

Who let Rep. Joe Wilson into the studio?

rewinn said...

Message: if the media doesn't accept the GOP's talking points, it's not reporting the news.

The irony is that the corporate media largely recycles GOP talking points. What Tinshley is loyally complaining about for his masters is that sometimes a bit of truth slips through, e.g. someone accidentally points out that Obama CUT taxes. And that must never happen!

(MEANWHILE, O'Reilly got caught lying again, this time about the War On Christmas. Yet Mallard Duckmore still sucks up to him. Is it any wonder that our younger generation, which is learning to actually fact check propaganda, has zero respect for conservative cartoonists and corporate media?

Frank Stone said...

It's as predictable as the sunrise, isn't it? Now that Brucie's done paying lip service to his alleged faith by reciting John 3:16 (twice) and pretending to care about persecuted Christians by providing a website URL ('cuz that's easier than, like, y'know, DOING something about it), he's right back to being his old insufferable, meanspirited, pathologically dishonest, lying self. Happy new year!

exanonymous said...

It is a natural election cycle thing. No major problems were solved overnight, or even in a few years. When you start at an unemployment rate above 10%, any gains still look unacceptably high.

So, many voters (and not all, because the senate is still Dem-majority) swung conservative for this cycle. However, two things have happened: with Dems no longer worried about re-election because they'll be out of a job, several major pieces of legislation passed that the FOX noise machine is helpless against, and now the GOP will have to make some major legislative victories that help people or the swing states will again shift towards blue, just in time for the next presidential election.