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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

That damned Prediction

What's Mallard raving about today?

President Obama.

When they reach the same point as President Bush's did in 2007/8, please let me know.

Oh, I forgot, low approval numbers are only significant when there's a Democrat in Office. Silly me.


Tog said...

Jesus, the poll numbers again? ...Wait, and you're still going on about the Chia Pet, too?!

Being two broken records at once doesn't exactly make for a "new direction," Batshit.

Rootbeer said...

Care to make the wager interesting, old duck?

100 Internet Dollars says that there will not be any national poll conducted between 2011-04-01 and 2011-10-01 in which either Willard Romney or Piyush Jindal has a higher favorability rating (beyond the margin of error) than President Obama.

(Another I$20 says that Chia Obama will have better numbers than whomever the GOP front-runner at that time is.)

I notice he didn't propose that Mrs. Palin would also be more popular than Obama. Is this something politically significant, or just his usual misogyny?

ajm said...

Yeah, there's a Chia Obama. And 40 years ago there was a Spiro Agnew wristwatch and an Eisenhower jacket before that and -- over a century ago -- the Teddy bear, named after the 26th President.

Welcome to capitalism, Bruce.

WV: depres. 'Nuff said.

Kip W said...

I just tried rotating the strip 180° to see if it makes more sense that way, and actually the pictures look a little bit more like recognizable celebrities, and the text, while unreadable, actually contains less nonsense. Too bad there's not a button for that in my browser.

CW in LA said...

It may be that even the Tinsh recognizes that the Trailer-Park Hitlerette from Wasilla will never be popular no matter how much the allegedly librul media try and present her nasty little twitterings as significant policy statements.

dlauthor said...

Prediction: by mid-year, Tinshley will have killed the brain cells that might have remembered that he made this prediction.

Also, there will have been more genuine humor in a single week of Apartment 3G, Mark Trail, or Mary Worth than in the full six-month run of Mallard Fillmore.

Is Tinshley seriously of the opinion that Romney can shrug off the albatross of the Mass. health care plan enough to garner the Republican nomination? Or that anyone outside his living room looks at Jindal as anything but a so-so imitation of Kenneth the Page, only dimmer?

Frank Stone said...

Say -- have any of Mallard's predictions ever come true? I have to believe there would have been a week of strips featuring him gloating if that were the case.

Regardless, when this prediction, like so many others, turns out to be utter bunk, Brucie will have already long forgotten it.

Bill the Splut said...

Doonesbury's repeats this week are more interesting than Dullard's "new" repetitions.

WV: scorm; what I hold Tinny in.

rewinn said...

Please God, let "Sand Berm" Jindal be on the 2012 GOP ticket!

Now, we know that Jindal is mentioned only so Tinshley can go, hey, I'm not racist, I spoke approvingly of an Indian-American. He's basically the GOP's Chantalle, only without the brains (remember "something called volcano monitoring"???)

@dlauthor - in a rational universe, "Dog Poop"Mitt would not be able to deny his role in bringing socialist or even communist death panels to Massachusetts, but in the post-Citizens United world, we will have learned by December 2011 that Romney never set foot in Massachusetts!

Kip W said...

rewinn, that's truer than you know. We lived in West Springfield, where the multi-state "Big E" (aka Eastern States Exposition) is held each year, and Mitt the Twitt couldn't be arsed to show up. Our local paper started running a daily watch on whether he'd been seen, so he finally showed enough care to drop by one morning before it opened. I guess so he wouldn't have to mingle with all those bloody peons.