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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

That damned Planter

What's Mallard raving about today?

Television, President Obama.

Hey, look at that. Mallard is still complaining about what's on TV, but not doing something else or even changing the channel.


exanonymous said...

And the right-wing thinks PBS is dangerous.

This junk is what you get on for-profit channels.

deepbeep said...

The planter in question.

I admit I've considered buying one as a goof. In 2008 I made the resolution to get one if Obama signed a decent health care reform bill into law. I still don't have an Obama decorative planter...

Tog said...

Oh, hallelujah, another dose of duck crotch. A new direction for Mallard Fillmore!!

I don't have an Obama Chia Head Planter, but I did get a couple of rolls of Junior Bush & Uncle Dick toilet paper and enjoyed them thoroughly if you know what I mean. And I know I certainly feel all sorts of intense emotions when I see Mitch McConnell's idiot mug, or read about the latest dumb shit coming from Haley Barbour or John McCain.

Speaking of a duck's "human" emotions, a tip for Batshit: there are other human emotions besides "blank" and "smug." Feel free to experiment.

One final jab at yesterday's squicky mess: Garfield took the same concept and made it funny. Garfield. When you get schooled by Garfield, Batshit, you should KNOW it's time to hang it up.

Toots McGee said...

This one harkens back to the multi-day rant about commemorative Obama merch after the election.

Those chia head things have been around awhile, so I don't understand where this comes from. Plus I'm not sure it's the same sentiment as the earlier rant. Earlier, it was kind of like "why should anyone be making a fuss about the election of Obama?".
Since he doesn't bother to spell it out in this strip, I'm just gonna assume it's "somebody's been Christmas shopping at the Rite-Aid".

Kip W said...

Crap! The alpha dick is back (or maybe he's the master beta). So much for a heartwarming Christmas. Looks like he hasn't moved since last time, too. He doesn't need a Chia anything. There's probably grass growing in his kitchen, where the sink leaks.

dlauthor said...

Bruce Tinshley has indeed felt the whole panoply of emotion: bitterness (at everyone who enjoys life more than him), rage (at having his keys taken away from him), pants-shitting fear (at the mere thought of brown people), glee (when he finds an inch of warm beer in what he thought was an empty), and smugness (whenever someone else's human rights are violated).

What a rich interior life he has!

rewinn said...

"What a sad, joyless life American Conservatives Lead" - Number 487 in a series.

wavydavy said...

"Every human emotion"? Seriously?

Somebody please tell Brucie that there are more emotions available to most humans than rage, anger, and disgust. Just because he's never experienced them doesn't mean they don't exist.

WV: junkl. The kind of bells Brucie hears this time of year.

CW in LA said...

No, this is part of Mallard's fearless new direction. Don't y'all see? Only the top half of the Duck Crotch today!