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Saturday, December 11, 2010

That damned Belief

What's Mallard raving about today?

Santa, China.

Plus, they eat dogs.


Ducky is Right said...

Well, that was random.
S'mater, Bruce? Did the Chinese delivery guy forget your extra egg rolls?

Tog said...

But America?
...and anyone who suggests otherwise is a blame-America firster who should have a swift show trial followed by a slow execution! Because we're BETTER THAN THAT!

The "new direction for Mallard Fillmore" is turning out to be "even more off-the-rails than ever before."

Randy said...

Who cares about the dogs? I'm looking forward to the Peking duck. Om nom nom, indeed!

exanonymous said...

Always funny to see a free market advocate against China.

Bill the Splut said...

"...And I still believe that cutting taxes for the rich will give us a boom economy and a balanced budget!"

Kip W said...

We all knew Tin Eye was doomed to a life of grasping at straws when he chose the 'easy' path of doing a strip that must keep finding daily examples of stoopid misguided liberalism. Now perhaps he's realizing just why the field wasn't exactly crowded, and why his peers are as desperate as he is.

Frank Stone said...

Oy. Apparently, he was so exhausted from thinking about big stuff like foreign affairs and using complicated words like "economic prosperity" that he couldn't even bring himself to polish this turd with that lazy black shading he usually puts in the upper corners as a substitute for backgrounds.

deepbeep said...

Is this cartoon promoting protectionism, or is it just to make us afraid of China? I think this is really just a statement of Tinsley's fear that the United States will be just one among many world powers, as Hitchens describes here.

What is he complaining about, anyway? "Nicer" to whom? Its own people, or the United States? In both cases, the government has never been "nicer", as a direct result of their economic prosperity and transition to free market capitalism. Capitalism requires a certain degree of freedom, and as people become wealthy they start demanding more rights. China has a long way to go -- they are going through their own Gilded Age -- but if you look at the trajectory of China since 1949 you can see they are well on their way.

Would you prefer they be like a destitute Myanmar, only bigger? You must have loved the Great Leap Forward when millions were wiped out by famine and steel was made in back yards. That kept them poor and controllable, and we didn't have to worry about swinging the biggest dick around.

Also, please stop reusing that same Santa gag.

rewinn said...

Is this Tinshley's annual "I'm not a GOP shill" cartoon?

Cuz last I checked, that's the party of outsourcing everything (whereas the Democrats are merely the party of outsourcing some things.)

Rootbeer said...

B-b-but America's economic prosperity has made us the nicest country in the world, and we'll bomb the fuck out of you if you try to deny it!

Kip W said...

deepbeep must have been naughty this year, because it's Monday, and Tin Eye's still doing "Santa in a chair" strips. (Heh. Almost said "gags.")