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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

That damned Post Office

What's Mallard raving about today?


Imagine the kind of effort it takes to get yourself riled up about the Postal Service. Effort that could be used to, say, learn to draw or use the English language effectively instead.


Tog said...


Anonymous said...

Tinsley literally never leaves the house except maybe to go for a drive when he's drunk and gets everything he needs mailed to him before he scratches up another cartoon about how much the usps sucks. It's not the terrible cartooning I object to so much it's just that... he's so ungrateful.

Beef wellington said...

Tinsley is aware of how newspapers(which carry his strips)are distributed right?

*After print they are delivered to there repective outposts some to other delivery trucks, Some to be picked up by personal couriers.*

Kip W said...

Well, this is an interesting glimpse into the world Tin Eye imagines on the other side of his front door. During this holiday season, I think we can all be grateful that more of us don't share his crabbed, stunted, hateful view of life.

I, of course, am grateful for yet another day of no duck in the strip. (It's like he knew it was my birthday!)

Anonymous said...

Hey Tinsley,

My dad is a postal carrier. He drives about 400 miles a day, and often through snow and ice during this time of the year. He risks himself to provide for his family and to do an important service for people.

He's done more work in a single day than you've done in your entire pathetic career.

Fuck you, you lazy hypocritical mouthbreather.

Bill the Splut said...

Well, I assume they get a lot of business from Netflix. Actually, since I get some mail 6 days a week...

I realize that Brucie hates everything in the world--name a strip where he's said something positive about anything--but his hatred of the postal service is bizarre, even for him. I'd say that he gets only bills and junk mail, but he recently whined about getting Christmas family newsletters. It's like complaining about the fire department or something.

WV: enthiza; euthanized enthusiasm, e.g., what you feel just before you read a Dullard Failmore strip

dlauthor said...

See, Tinshley thinks this way because he has no friends and no one in his family (including his kids, who are waiting for the chance to get out of the house) wants to correspond with him any more. And his wife handles the finances, ever since the last time he drank the mortgage payment, so he doesn't know anything about bills or paychecks*.

* Why should that be different from the rest of the world?

Frank Stone said...

This is quite possibly the most profoundly stupid "Mallard Fillmore" strip Bruce Tinsley has ever produced. And that's saying something.

Tog said...

According to the GOP, making them work on Christmas is sacrilegious.

And by "making them work on Christmas," they mean, "letting them go home for Christmas, then making them come back after Christmas and do their damn jobs."

Too bad about Batshit's two-week lag, I'm sure he'd make a terrific strip about THAT. (/sarcasm)

Kaitlyn said...

He hates the post office because the price of stamps keeps going up, man.

And it's run by the government and the government's evil and blah blah blah...

And how else are people supposed to send Christmas cards? He does realize that, despite the fact that stamps cost more, it's still cheaper to send them that way?

Kaitlyn said...

As for what he likes... racial profiling.

Making money.

Hating things.

deepbeep said...

What's the point of this cartoon? Is he implying that the USPS is losing traffic to the internet because the government sucks?

Ducky is Right said...

I use the post office all the damn time. You're a moron.

Guess we know what this week's going to be. Three more 'lol we don't work', at leats two 'we break things' annnd, ooooh, maybe an 'OMG LINES!!!

I'll be back in a week.

rewinn said...

The Post Office is in the Constitution.

Why does Tinsley hate the Constitution?