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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

That damned Congressman

What's Mallard raving about today?

The Election.

A bad night for Democrats who will hopefully learn the right lesson and stand for something, especially the Middle Class. Being Democrats, however, I won't be surprised if they veer right instead.

On the plus side, the Blue Dog Democrats had the worst night of anyone. Good riddance and maybe we can get some Progressives into those seats in 2012.


Anonymous said...

If the Democrats would pledge to repeal the Patriot Act, cut off funding for the illegal wars, put an end to warrantless wiretaps and searches in the name of "security" and make the restoration of our constitutional rights a priority, they could sweep back into power. (This was what I hoped they'd at least try to accomplish last time!) Needless to say, this isn't likely. They're more likely to ape the GOP's love for the police state.

Tog said...

Liberal blogs are all abuzz with what lessons they think should be learned from the election; naturally, each blogger confidently states the Democrats should be more like them from now on, whether they're lefty-loosey or middley-diddley, and curtails the evidence to suit their argument.

Ah, but will even one of them make the attempt to write their congressperson--let alone encourage others to get involved in their own government after voting day--or will they quickly settle back into their rut of whining ineffectually about Republican tongue-slips and how the Democrats are whiny and ineffectual?

One's work and the other pays. It was strictly a rhetorical question. Meanwhile, the Republicans are already announcing "investigations" of the President.

deepbeep said...

Only Mallard Fillmore characters are able to look so simultaneously smug, bored, and existentially unhappy.

I think that expression is only possible when the last spark of life within you dies, and you try to be happy. Maybe that's why after yesterday's landslide Democratic victories here in California, I can't pull off the same look.

Hey, where are all the gloating anonytrolls? A mixed-results election just wouldn't be the same without the "my team conquered!" tribalism.

Bill the Splut said...

The news headlines should read "America Goes Back to Abusive Boyfriend; Sure That This Time, He'll Change."

exanonymous said...

It was only hours after election results came in when Boehner said that the Republican party will absorb the Tea Party without problems.

So if someone could again explain how that was a grassroots movement to oust incumbents and replace them with fresh voices from all parts of the political spectrum.

I'm kind of happy, though. A little bit of power the Republican way and the Tea Party has served its purpose. It will lose steam as they get exactly what they deserved. The whole thing is rather anti-climatic with nobody a winner.

Kip W said...

It'd be nice if this wakes Obama and the other Democrats up a little to the fact that there's no degree of trying to kiss up to the GOP that will make it play nice or do anything but work to eliminate their opposition.

And Democratic Senators? You now are the official brake on what the Republicans want to do. Don't fuck it up.

wavydavy said...

What Bill the Splut said.

@Kip W -- Don't hold your breath. Sir Change-a-lot has already announced that he wants to work with the Rethugs. In his own words, "I think I have been willing to compromise in the past and I will be willing to compromise going forward."

"Compromise", in this context, means (obviously) "roll over for the opposition".

WV: confed. The brains of way too many voters, full of crap fed to them by cons.