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Friday, November 12, 2010

That damned Look

What's Mallard raving about today?


On the other hand, the average American doesn't force me to look at his crotch.


Tog said...

The average American has been fired, and has no prospects? You're gettin' a little delusional there, talking duck.

Where's all the talk about pulling yourself up by your bootstraps, American Exceptionalism?

Tog said...

Furthermore: real life's once again displayed its liberal bias and sense of irony, what with Keith Olbermann being pseudo-fired over some ginned-up nontroversy; he not only got his job back within hours by fighting back, he openly shat on his bosses upon his return. Meanwhile, the duck's being a whiny-ass titty-baby and despondently splaying his crotch.

C'mon, duck! The guy who holds the pencil that creates you has a wife who (if we are to believe anything he says) is not only one of the very liberals for whom he has such open contempt, but is also a lawyer! Man the fuck up and fight for your job.

...Or start collecting unemployment like the hypocrite you've always been. It's all good.

Rootbeer said...

The average American hasn't been fired. He's been "fired".

If the average American is so hopeless and awful, it must be because he's a LIBERAL. No wait, the GOP gained a few dozen seats in last week's elections, which proved that Americans have rejected the liberal agenda once and for all.

It must be because THE GUBBYMINT is keeping him down.

dlauthor said...

Dear Tinshley: the employment rate is currently high, but it's still less than 10%. That means that, in spite of the bungling of the people you carry water for, the average American still has a job.

Sadly, apparently, so do you.

deepbeep said...

The average American has at least one job and is overworked. In a country with the least vacation days of all the developed nations, a guy who spends more time drinking than scribbling shitty cartoons for wingnut welfare is nothing like the average American.

Bill the Splut said...

Hey, Bruce! Asshole much?

How do you get fired for being lactose intolerant anyway? Was he a taste tester for Ben & Jerry? They'd be evil enough to do it--they're libs!

Not that people don't get fired for bullshit reasons because the employer can't come out and say what the real reason was. I remember about 10 years ago, a company fired a Puerto Rican for stealing. Stealing a few cents of toilet paper to wash his windshield. Hey, that could add up to grand larceny, if you count all the sheets he stole to wipe his ass!

Who do you think Bruce would've sided with in that case? The heroic business, or the thieving brown person?

WV: ellorshl; how most of the words from Bruce's mouth sound like halfway through the day's research.

rewinn said...

Why doesn't Mallard take his unfair firing to his union representative?

Oh, wait ... he refused to pay union dues, right?

Beef Wellington said...

Now tinz has me al wrong I would'nt call him all those names because he disagreed with someone, I would call him all those names simply because it's true.

WV:Paper; Tansley wastes tons of it with his insane scribblings

exanonymous said...

I'm sure Mallard does think he is looking more like the average American. Beer goggles can do that.