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Friday, November 26, 2010

That damned View

What's Mallard raving about today?


One day apologizing to Veterans and back to bitching about Daytime TV for the 4th day out of 5.

Nice ratio, Patriot Mallard.


Tog said...

Damn, "Ziggy" isn't this repetitive.

And yet Batshit's complaining about lack of substance...

James Murton said...

Yeah, four days of a political cartoonist doing 'hey, daytime TV's a bit trashy' shtick as if he just found out it existed, with a break only to mention he'd forgotten to observe a holiday that he'd have slaughtered anyone else for forgetting; plenty of substance there.

Randy said...

Obsessed with The View much, Tinshley?

Ducky is Right said...

Why does he have a dentist chair?

Ducky can't even be assed to change the generic daytime talk show topics.

Also, waaaaah, The View made Papa Bear look bad, they must be stupid and evil.

rewinn said...

May we assume Tinshely hates "The View" because it has some smart, strong women on it?

Or does he just need to kiss up to O'Reilly, hoping to get a mention on the show and therefore a few viewers to Tinkley's crappy webcomic?

Let it be noted that as newspapers crash, webcomics rise and conservatives just don't have the chops.

Frank Stone said...

Hey, Mallard, there's an old joke I'm guessing you've never heard:

A man walks into his doctor's office. He holds his arm above his head and says, "Doc, it hurts when I do this." The doctor says, "So don't do that."

See the connection? Come on... keep looking... you can see it... come on...

WV: press: A means of preparing duck in gourmet restaurants. (Not that Mallard would have to worry about that; being a duck who lives a sedentary life while ingesting junk food, he'd never pass muster.)

MartyRotten said...

Hmmm Mallard's not being shown bowing his head in pious reverence at a Thanksgiving dinner table but spent his holiday watching daytime television.

Guess he got drunk at one too many Thanksgiving dinner.

Steve-O said...

Mallard's bitching about something not being substantive?

Bwahahahaahahahaha, the cognitive dissonance is....ok, it's just too much....bwahahahaha.

WV: ovecon: a person who doesn't believe in modern ovens and thinks we should go back to the days when our wood-burning stoves were tended by house slaves.

Kip W said...

In a couple more weeks, he'll remember about Thanksgiving.

No sweat, Tinsley! You're our turkey.

Anonymous said...

"May we assume Tinshely hates "The View" because it has some smart, strong women on it?"

This has to be the most insane comment on this blog this year.

Is this person actually serious?

CW in LA said...

Looks like anonymelonfucker is back.

Tell us, anonyrast, what great contributions to discourse have you made lately?

exanonymous said...

And this is why I don't actually like Veteran's Day.

Hey, thanks for getting shot at in wars that somebody else started for profit, even though you were told and believed that you were protecting your country and loved ones. Take a day off, but not really because it's not a holiday. Oops, I forgot even that day, so uh, mash it into Thanksgiving. I'll probably think about you next year! ... if you're still alive. Oo, what's on television? Talk shows? I'm there!

It's 100x more offensive than the Garfield mistake.

rewinn said...

LOL! I guess my observation stung!