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Sunday, November 28, 2010

That damned Insult

What's Mallard raving about today?


Which is why Mallard makes sure he's plopped in front of the TV watching it the first time it is broadcast.


Faster, Harder, More Challenging GeoX said...

This endless cavalcade of TELEVISION SUCKS SUCKS SUCKS AND I DO NOTHING BUT WATCH IT is incomprehensibly boring, but in a way it almost makes me feel sorry for Tinsley (if he weren't such a racist prick, you know): the barely-sublimated self-loathing that man must constantly be feeling...

Tog said...

On the bright side, for once the back of the television set actually looks like the back of a television set. Give Batshit a gold star sticker!! He's a special boy!!

D Johnston said...

For the love of God, Tinsley, even you can't think this is compelling anymore. Give us something else, anything else. Call Obama a communist, compare Muslims to flesh-eating beasts, write some racist jokes about the Chinese, tell us about the shadow government, just don't spend any more time in front of the TV, please.

Between this and what's been going on at Day By Day lately, I'm beginning to think that Tinsley and Chris Muir have a bet going as to which of them can draw comics about nothing the longest. Note to Muir: You're rocking with the best.

Bill the Splut said...

This is, what, day 7 or 8 of TV Sucks! with the same non-punchline? Bruce's subject list is 90%:

TV Sucks
The Uneducated/the Educated/Educators Suck
Muslims a-skeer me, so we should kill them
Minorities are racist against me, just because I'm a bigot
Regurgitated talking point of the bi-month

Even when he does something from out of left field--okay, right field--like "Hulk in a tutu," he drags it out for a week, making the same pointless point. And yet he has the GALL to complain about repeating material that insults the intelligence? Does the man have any self-awareness at all?

WV: winesse; a bottle of winesse, a 6 of beeresse, a fifth of vodkaesse, 80 hours of TV watching = RESEARCH!

Tinsley: Sociopath said...

Nothing could insult Mallard's intelligence except Bruce Tinsley.

Beef Wellington said...

The irony of tinsely saying television is mindless babble repeated over and over is staggering.

WV:Jewee What tinsely calls people who over charge him for his booze.

CW in LA said...

Wooo - Extra-giant crotch-shot Sunday!

Laziest wingnut-welfare recipient EVER.

Frank Stone said...

Jeez louise, he's not even TRYING anymore, is he? What program is it? Why would it be rebroadcast? Are we supposed to just instinctively know what you're talking about, Brucie?

Well, at least he's demonstrated that there's something lamer than explaining the punchline of a joke after it's been delivered: Not having a punchline and expecting the audience to laugh anyway.

rewinn said...

A sunday "comic" that is the same as a previous weekday "comic" ... only a minor change to the "punchline" ... is extraordinarily lazy. But doing it all in a single panel is just insultingly lazy.

One assumes King Features is no longer actually paying for this stuff. It's got "senioritis" stamped all over it!

Rootbeer said...

The only televised content I've ever seen a rebroadcast warning on has been live sports broadcasts. I'm not sure how a late-night replay of the big game would be insulting to anyone's intelligence.

I'm also not sure how republishing the same gag for ten out of the past 12 installments of a comic strip ISN'T insulting to the intelligence of everyone involved.

Marion Delgado said...

TV abandoned its commitment to public service programming, even though our taxes pay the FCC to violently prevent anyone from broadcasting on a frequency other than the person who paid the earliest bribe 10-50 years ago. TV lost all the restraints on how many stations you can own, and all pretense of antitrust law. TV is a free market, with government's only role in fact being protecting capitalists in general from interference with their profits and "property" (the right to broadcast at frequency X) by the public.

So, if the American capitalist programming this American capitalist fanatic watches on his American capitalist TV SUCKS, then, QED, American capitalism sucks. I don't know if that's the road he wanted to go down, but he did. He's also given indications that Mallard has cable, so in addition to believing TV sucks, his duck hero is stupid enough to take the money he could be using to m###t### his a####m### and his a####ance and g## a j## buy useful, wonderful alcohol and instead pay for something that sucks.