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Friday, November 05, 2010

That damned Fight

What's Mallard raving about today?

Bill O'Reilly, The View.

How much of a man-crush does one need to have to tune into the object of that crush on The View?


Randy said...

Not to mention that the asterisked reference is to Yeah, that sounds like a fair and unbiased source on whatever lame "fight" this refers to, don't you think?*

WV: derbeda: Where Tinshley usually finds his empties in the morning. E.g. "Over derbeda bed."

* In Tinshley's case, no, he doesn't.

exanonymous said...

That was an epic fight? It was pretty boring. They kind of just walked off the stage.
Now O'Reilly vs. Teleprompter, there's a fight worth watching!

deepbeep said...

Please. This was more like Tyson/Spinks.

I agree with comedian Bill Burr's take on this. As much as I dislike O'Reilly, it was fun to watch him tear up the View.

And if you're nominating one-sided beatdowns for best fight, then Jon Stewart vs. Crossfire has to be on top. Not only did he own them on their own show, but it eventually resulted in the show being canceled in disgrace.

An asterisk in the center of a 4-dot ellipses. You hear that? Somewhere, an English teacher is screaming and tearing her hair out. You gotta listen like me. Tinsley's grammar is godawful, and the rent is too damn high.

Tog said...

"Wimmen. Psh! So stupid. I mean, it's not like they didn't already know Bill-O's a mouth-foamin' bigot!

"And cowardly, too! You'd never see a manly man like Bill-O do somethin' like that. Walk off, or, say, have someone's mike cut. He's a true American believer in freedom of speech for the right people of the American Right, and it's those damn liberals who engage in all that eliminationist rhetoric!"

...Hey, I can understand why Batshit loves him some Bill-O. They're both perverts, with a high disdain for anyone not loud, dumb, white, male, hate-filled, and convinced of their own superiority.

But the fact that Mallard considers this little spat a great "fight" illustrates how shriveled and dead his testicles must be.

Toots McGee said...

No, Tinsley. Fights appropriately analogous to Bill OReilly vs. The View Women are fights that take place between children at day care centers when one three year-old steals another's crayon or calls someone a doo-doo head.

Rootbeer said...

That was three weeks ago, duck. Did you really think people would still be talking about Shrill vs. Shrill by the time this strip ran?

It's not like there were any major political events that happened between then and now.

As a side note, good lord is the drawing bad in this one, worse yet than usual. Even with the poor attempt at perspective, Middle Guy's head is at least twice the size of Old Guy's.

Kip W said...

An animal turns to the audience and makes insipid observations. Is it just me, or does anybody else see Mallard gradually turning into Fred Bassett?

rewinn said...

In other news ... The New Adventures of Queen Victoria continues its beat-down in ">today's comic:

GENERAL: "Emboldened by the election, the Teahadists have set out to take over the comics next."

GENERAL: "If you look down there, Mallard Fillmore, In The Sticks and Day by Day have laid seige to us."

QUEEN ELIZABETH: "Odd. Where's Prickly City."

GENERAL: "Prickly City isn't part of the cabal"

QUEEN ELIZABETH: "Why aren't they?

GENERAL: "They don't need to be. They're actually funny."

(Didja notice that Prickly City has been running stuff actually relevant to elections and aftermaths and stuff? I usually don't agree with their politics but at least they try to be topical, and their current story arc is pretty good.)

Ducky is Right said...

... o_o
We need a 'creepy' check option.

Douchy O'Doucher v Clucking Hens was pretty tame. Bill screams that muslims are trying to kill us (oh, I didn't mean ALL muslims!) Whoopi and other chick get frustrated by his inability to grasp even the simplest of concepts and walk off.

Stewart v Crossfire is, as mentioned, leaps above that.

Kaitlyn said...

Does he live in the same world the rest of us do?

I thought the recent View thing was about one of them saying something mean about Christine O'Donnel.

Why the fuck would he go on their show?