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Saturday, November 27, 2010

That damned Similarity

What's Mallard raving about today?

The Media.

Of all the standardized Right Wing lies, I confess none frustrates me more than this one.

If this was ever true, it has not been true during my lifetime. Conservative viewpoints vastly outnumber Liberal viewpoints on TV. Republicans outnumber Democrats. The Liberals are usually either apologists or to the Right of Ronald Reagan. There is an entire network devoted to pushing Right Wing Propaganda packaged as "News."

And yet, Mallard still feels victimized.

If it were not so nefarious and detrimental to America, I would wonder at the chutzpah.


Tog said...

But it's the cry of every wannabe world-beater standing on someone's neck: "I'm the victim!"

What truly enrages Batshit (despite the poker face he forever slaps onto Mallard) is that liberals have the chutzpah to still make their own voices heard within the corporate-owned media misinformation miasma.

Ducky is Right said...

It's not that there aren't conservatives in the media, it's that they ones they have aren't conservative enough. You know, they ain't goin on teevee ervry night, saying we need to put them mex'cans and ragheads in camps, and carpet bomb every country that has the gaul to not do what we say. Boy, them 'Liberal hunting permit' bumper stickers shure is funny, and not all all crypto-fascist eliminationist rhetoric that undermines basic democratic values that this country was based on. A-hyurk. Political opponents deserve what they get!

But yeah, no, this is part of a concerted effort to push the dialog to the right. The staggering part is how easy it's been to push the 'center' to 'just right of Teddy Roosevelt' with no one batting an eye. The funny part is that Tinsley is drinking so deep from the kool-aide, he doesn't even know he's doing it; the political cartoon equivalent of, "keep the government out of medicare".

Also, DiR needs a new tag. Thoughts?

JRD said...

I agree that when this line of "common knowledge" gets trotted out I am perplexed and agitated. It is very obviously just not true. And yet, I know people that will read this today and nod their heads in agreement, and feel some sort of righteous persecution yet again at the hands of the liberals who have taken over "my country". Ugh. Tomorrow they'll be afraid for their country.

Kip W said...

When in doubt, return to one of the three or four main big lies. That propaganda's not gonna catapult itself.

D Johnston said...

The things about this particular lie is that it's a very old lie, one that may well have been true at some distant point in history. As a result, it's conventional wisdom.

By the way, I can't believe Mallard wasted a whole week in front of the TV. Wait, what am I saying? Of course I believe we wasted a whole week in front of the TV. Tinsley did that back when Mallard had a job. What I can't believe is that Tinsley has dragged this particular storyline out for so long.

Frank Stone said...

Anybody else get the feeling that Mallard's just been killing time until his first unemployment check arrives, at which point he'll start bitching about how inefficient the Post Office is?

Taquelli said...

The only other talk shows I can think of are the late night shows, which are purely entertainment-driven, Larry King, which is mostly sensationalism and informational, and Fox and Friends, which would require blinders large enough to blot out the sun to even mildly accuse of being liberal.

Steve-O said...

Taquelli: Don't forget "Morning Joke". It's the one where the right-wing idiot spouts talking points and shouts down dissent while blond bobble-head nods seriously.

dlauthor said...

The depressing thing is, Tinshley probably considers this mess to be some sort of amazing storytelling accomplishment.

Marion Delgado said...

By the way, Boise State lost to Nevada. Big deal, eh? It is for me. But like Limbaugh, Tinsley tries to relate to Joe Six-Pack - even though he's more of a Biff-Halfrack. Both claim to be sports mavens. Mallard Fillmore has championed the cause of Boise State for years. Them losing means he has lost ABOUT A MONTH of this year's seasonal material. Auburn and Oregon, two clutch teams that managed to squeak out wins (Oregon last week, Auburn this week) are undefeated. Mallard will only be able to do an even-more-incomprehensible-than-usual rant for Boise State, if he bothers at all.

So, sorry, Boise State, nothing personal, but I'm grateful to Nevada. :)

exanonymous said...

More time is spent on lambasting the "liberal media" by the media these days than on any actual liberal view points. But that probably explains why some of the more television-invested conservatives think liberals are these caricatures and straw men, because that's their closest association with a liberal viewpoint.

rewinn said...

The media that cheered the invasion of Iraq, when with any amount of investigation it would have discovered that the entire WMD storyline was a fake, can be called "media" only in the sense that "processed cheese food" can be called "food".

(Ducky is Right ... if it's time to retire your handle, try either something unique on the internet so you can use the same handle in many fora (...that's how I got 'rewinn' ... ) or meaningful... "Tinsley Is Drunk" is available.