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Monday, November 08, 2010

That damned NPR

What's Mallard raving about today?

NPR, Muslims.

The idea that one would not immediately wet their pants in fear and demand that someone who "looks like a Muslim" be removed from a plane is a concept Mallard cannot fathom.

But racism is dead. I know because Mallard said so.


Faster, Harder, More Challenging GeoX said...

Remember, this is the same guy who, a few days back, was whining about being accused of Islamophobia.

Oh,'re SUCH a disgusting excuse for a human being.

Incidentally, this new comics site lets us rate comics, you may have noticed. Not that it would affect anything, I would imagine, but we could probably put a pretty good dent in Mallard's ratings if we all gave him one star every day.

Also, if anyone hasn't seen it: "Muslim garb," so we all know when we should be shitting ourselves in incontinent terror.

Tog said...

Ah, the ol' "everybody's scared of them, but too politically correct to admit it" ploy.

A variant of "everybody's racist, I just got the guts to say so out loud."

Go to hell, Batshit.

deepbeep said...

YIPPIEEE!!! It's another shitty comic!

How is Mallard able to view NPR auditions on his TV? Does he have a CCTV to the ladies dressing room?

Randy said...

Of course, Tinsley's straw-liberal is really being prejudiced as well, just in the opposite direction. Obviously, even trying to grasp how an un-prejudiced mind might see things is a little bit beyond Tinsley's capabilities.

Steve-O said...

Does it even matter to Tinsley that none of the 9/11 terrorists were dressed in Muslim garb? How fucking stupid would a terrorist have to be to dress that way on a flight?

Rootbeer said...

What does... I don't... it...

Why would NPR auditions be shown on TV?

ajm said...

Televising radio auditions?

dlauthor said...

Tinshley, of course, thinks he would punch out the dirty Saracen menace if he saw so much as a Rachael Ray-style scarf (and brown skin, of course) while flying out of East Armpit, Indiana Regional Airport. More likely, TSA would escort him from the building after he drunkenly soiled his shorts.

NLC said...

The main gist of the Fox News's complaint about the Juan Williams was that he was being "censored". And the Fox Folks were all a-dither over the First Amendment ramifications of the Williams' case. (see all the breast-thumbing and claims by individuals that they would "never go on NPR again...", etc, etc.)

I'm now taking bets on the degree to which Fox News will now be showing this Love to Keith Olbermann.

I mean, donations are Protected Free Speech, right?

Tinsely, go for it!

rewinn said...

A duck with no pants is displaying his crotch to the world and complaining about other people's clothing?

(P.S. conservative are cowards, I get it; the site of "Muslim garb" makes them afraid. How sad! How funny!)

Tog said...

"Stupid liberals never get it. Brown skin IS Muslim garb!"

On another topic: Fat Rancid Pill-Head Announces: "Pre-Existing Condition Coverage is Not Insurance; It's Welfare" Shitting me, you have got to be.

Ducky is Right said...

Why would the NPR auditions be televised?

sffan12 said...

Up till now I've been silent about this whole affair, but now I have to get this off my chest.

On the one hand, I could care less whether a person wears a cross or a scarf or whatever denoting religious affiliation on an airplane.

On the other hand, I have something against so-called 'air marshals' allowed to pack concealed weapons on those same planes.