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Saturday, November 13, 2010

That damned Memory

What's Mallard raving about today?

Juan Williams, Liberals.

Liberals wield such power! After all, noted nutjob Glenn Beck is out of a job! Proof! Proof, I tell you!


Factinista said...

Mallard, maybe you'd have found a new job by now if you didn't spend all your time whining about the mean ol' libruls.

Tyler McDowell said...

I remember when, if you disagreed with Conservative orthodoxy, they called you a "Socialistfaggotmuslim bleeding-heart gun-hating elite Starbucks-swilling unamerican baby-aborting Hippie."

Nowadays, they just call you a liberal.

Tog said...

"Liberal orthodoxy." Christ in a cakepan.

Sure, Mallard, the corporate-owned media is "liberal." THAT's why "Dr." Laura caught the boot with her ass despite the support of Sarah Failin'. THAT's why Disney-owned KSFO cleaned out some of its eliminationist assholes once a blogger alerted sponsors to their odious bigotry: not because they're filthy bigots, but because they challenged the "liberal orthodoxy."

...And where are you "reporting" from, Mallard? Did FOX Propaganda already scoop you up on the basis of your racist assholery?

rewinn said...

Tinshley just angry 'cuz he's losing placements in more newspapers.

It's not the "liberals" who are doing it, but the tight economy and "Prickly City" which, BTW, is drawn in Shanghai. [*]



Anonymous said...

Well, y'know Mallard, if they're calling you those things, it could possibly be due to the dozens of times you've proven yourselves to BE all those things in this very comic.

Oh wait, nope, it's just 'cause you disagree with the "liberal orthodoxy!" That totally makes FAR more sense!

Frank Stone said...

For the love of heaven, the poor animal's been writhing in his own self-pity for DAYS now! Hasn't anybody called for a WHAAAmbulance yet?

deepbeep said...

Hey look, Bruce Tinsley is disagreeing with the liberal orthodoxy! So long, sucker.

So sad to see this blog come to and end. It's been fun, people.

DUcky is Right said...

He drew the liberal pantsuit lady as jewy as possible, I notice. Buckteeth and hook nose and all.

I remember when, if you disagreed with Conservative orthodoxy, they'd call you a terrorist lover, throw you to the ground, and stomp on you...

Ducky is Right said...

I remember a time when, if you disagreed with Consrvative orthodoxy, Foxnews would tell everyone that you're actively working to undermine America, and SOMEONE needs to stop you any way possible, wink wink wink.

Faster, Harder, More Challenging GeoX said...

Tinsley feels he can screech about how all Muslims are terrorists and then squeal like a stuck pig if anyone calls him xenophobic. He feels he can make the ol' "if global warming is real how come it's cold out hur hur hur" joke and then whine when people accuse him of being a global warming denialist. Whatever happened to personal responsibility? It's ALMOST like pieces of shit like Tinsley only believe in that mantra as it applies to poor people and minorities.

Kip W said...

You know who else disagrees with liberal orthodoxy? Liberals!

Oh yeah, and Hitler.

exanonymous said...

Intolerant liberals, hurhur. We just won't mention the bit where if a liberal has enough money and power to do the firing of major employees, their position as a liberal and not a conservative means they're disqualified from having rightfully worked to earn that position. But it's the liberals that are intolerant, oh yes.

Bad timing with the Beckian Soros rant.

Rootbeer said...

That's not at all what I expected Arlette in HR to look like.

Sheaf Of Paper gets to show off its versatility -- instead of a TV news broadcast script, here it plays a daily newspaper, whose Want Ads section contains a small number of entry-level jobs, none of which Mallard is qualified for.

And that's why Sheaf is the best character in the strip.

Neo Tuxedo said...

"That's not at all what I expected Arlette in HR to look like."

Oh shit, I forgot. Isn't Arlette the name of Tinny's wife? If so, does this mean we can expect to hear about their marriage breaking up? (I doubt it; I remain convinced the only reason a liberal would marry Tinny is if Reverend Moon commanded it, and in that case, splitting up would defy True Father's will and pollute their whole lineage forever.)

WV: vulatola. A fundamentalist lycanthrope, I think, something unspeakable, full of claws and bleeding string warts.