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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Meta-Post: AdSense

Just a brief note that at some point I am going to put Google ads somewhere on the site, at least for a while.

It's something I am doing as research for my job, not because I want to (or need to) make money from this blog...not to mention that I can't really expect to make much money.

At any rate, I apologize in advance if the ads are in any way annoying to readers.


Scanman said...

No need to apologize...unnnless, the ad becomes a computer crasher like the ads on the imdb.

rewinn said...

I don't mind a reasonable amount of ads. It's just part of the internet ... the key word being "reasonable".

I *am* curious about the "job" stuff. Its none of my business but that won't stop me from asking ... what d'ya do?

But ... like I said ... none of my business ;-)


WV: "buren" - Pentagon phrase for Bureau of Revising Nomenclature

DaveyK said...

I work in Product Management. I'm working on something that has some user interface similarities to an AdSense type product. So I want to spend some time with it to develop some ideas for our own product; what works, what doesn't work, etc.. No sense re-inventing the wheel...